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We live in a time and place when Donald Trump is running for office in the United States and Bob Dylan receives a Nobel Prize for Literature. These are unmistakable shocking times and I am not going to blame everything on weather or on astrology, but we do have Uranus in Aries and he is in charge of events that shock the world in a good way or not, old patterns must die and old ways of thinking must change in order for us to continue. For this post I chose the first few lyrics of a song I like: Miss Sarajevo, by U2. I am not sure who writes the lyrics, but this man will have its Nobel Prize soon, I suppose!

Is there a time for keeping your distance
A time to turn your eyes away
Is there a time for keeping your head down
For getting on with your day

The astrological event of this week is the Full Moon in Aries. There is this Lightning effect to this Full Moon! I am not sure about the shift of energy that everyone in the astrological community is talking about, but I am certain of this powerful, sudden electrostatic discharge that will occur. This full moon comes by when we have half of the sky at war with the other half.Aries is a fighter, a crazy, powerful leader, first in line in the battle field. You would imagine the Full Moon in Aries is not helping, it is actually inflating things in the sky.

The Full Moon in Aries comes very close to Uranus in Aries and these 2 can create this never ending play of surprises, news, unexpected events, things that we would never imagine. Uranus is the Master of unforeseen events or sudden emotions.

Expect the unexpected and you will be fine. You will need to relax and to go with the energy flow. Don’t ask a lot of questions as Aries is not the type of leader that explains the decisions he takes.

The quest for balance and justice that comes from all the Libra energy we have in the sky will not be revealed at this time or it is going to be hard to understand. It is possible to be part or to see some cruel decisions or unjustified calls from very important people as leaders in political or business world. This will create external and internal tension and a feel of not good enough or not worthy is going to rise.

There is also a very strong need to change, to break free, to have a fresh start with someone else or somewhere else, depends a lot of your energy. Remember that the Full Moon energy is not good for change or for breaking free, it is a point of culmination, of finishing up and it also a very emotional time. The thinking pattern is not clear and we can be misguided by feelings of competition and jealousy as the energy is related to Aries.

This desire to change is going to be exaggerated and will make us say or do things that are not typical to us. Take a step back, try to see the situation with different eyes, try to assimilate the 2 sides of the story and try as much as possible to find the Libra Energy we need so much. Find balance inside yourself and be true to your inner values.

People with heavy Cardinal Sign Aspect will feel this energy the most (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) with a lot of emphasis on Aries and Libra, of course. This is where we have all the moving pieces in the sky.

Play the song Miss Sarajevo by U2 and embrace these first lyrics to save yourself of the crazy energy we are all experiencing these days.

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