Aries2017Aries, Welcome to your astrology forecast for the year 2017!

A year of change and surprises, a year when you can meet the love of your life, a year when you can have children and a continuous search of a new business idea.

Start of the year 2017

The year 2017 starts with a slow flow with Mercury being retrograde in the sign of Capricorn and that means things are not very clear on your career path and in your job. There is confusion, noise, a lot of rumors and you are clearly not having a good time here. This is typically a manifestation of Mercury being in reverse, but things will be better as soon as he goes direct. This happens on the 8th of Jan 2017. We have good period from the 8th of Jan 2017 till the 6th of Feb when all planets are direct! This is interesting because it is a good time to think about new year’s resolutions, put them on paper, draft a plan, connect to any stakeholders that can help with the implementation and start acting on the plan as soon as you can. The things you do during this one month of clear path will impact the year ahead as this is the time to plant the seed. Jupiter will start the retrograde cycle for the year 2017 on the 6th of February and that will make us slow down. But for you, both Mars and Venus will be in your sign in the last days of January and this is excellent news. As these 2 will make you shine and will put a lot of action in your hands. A very good time to be powerful and conquer the world.

The Big Picture

The really good news about this new year’s adventure is all about the trine that Saturn in Sagittarius is making with Uranus in Aries. This is a positive Fire energy that will actually be dominant during all year 2017. It started on the 24th of December 2016, so think about this date in particular and it will go on with impact in the month of May and the month of November. It is a very good time to create, have ideas and I mean business ideas and try to think about as many as you can. When these planets will change signs in 2018, the shift will help you put all the good ideas into practice. You are now actually thinking and trying out different ways of making money and if you are not already doing it, it is advisable that you start. Not all of these ideas will succeed and you will not see return on investment just yet. Be sure that in 2018, when the energy is going to shift to calm, practical, steady, you will know which project is worth investing in.

Creativity and Children

Eclipses this year are changing signs and are going to hit Leo and Aquarius. For you, the energy is shifting towards a very happy, creative part. You will love this energy especially if you have children, you are surrounded by children or you want to have another child. A very good time to do that is in August 2017 when a New Moon Solar Eclipse is appearing in the sky. The support from the sky is phenomenal and it can create a surprise child as well. It can also change the way you feel about romance and you should let more of this coming into your life. You can meet someone new and fall in love in a burst of flowers, dreams and happiness. It is not a particular lasting feeling or relation, but the enjoyment will be much appreciated. Uranus is still in Aries and this brings surprises and Jupiter will be in Libra. These planets support the eclipses, so the changes are well received. What I can tell is that you can meet somebody new this year that will bring surprises and will forever change the way you feel and connect. It is not the year to get married, but the connection is there.

Stubborn Vibes of the Year 2017

March 4 to April 15 will be the time of the year when roadblocks can happen and when things will not go as planned. The main reason for this is that Venus is going to be retrograde in Aries, in your sign. This is not a good time to start a new relation, but it is a fine time to experiment and try things in your love life. This is a time when things should just stay still and no action is needed from you. Conflicts can start or can explode during this time. And I am talking about any type of conflicts. Things can complicate because Mercury will also retrograde in Aries in April, so things can get chilly and acerbic during this month. As Jupiter is in Libra, things can go to court and if you can hold your breath, you will win. You need to have a lot of patience and determination to win this and I am sure you do have these hidden in your crisis box. Open it, read instructions and be as careful as possible during April.

Good Vibes of the Year 2017

Jupiter is in Libra from the 9th of September 2016 and will stay here until the 10th of October 2017. Jupiter feels extremely good in Libra and the joyful, crazy, lucky effect he has will show up. After October 10, Jupiter will move into Scorpio and that means sexuality and deeper relations will heighten. For Aries, the flow is positive and you like the Libra vibe even if it is your opposite sign. Jupiter will bring his gifts to your relationships: your love life will receive a boost or you will have new positive connections in your career. As I said, you can meet somebody new this year and this person can be very good for you. The aspect suggests real compatibility. What Aries should do to maximize the transit of Jupiter in Libra

Enhance an existing relationship: Jupiter in Libra for you is all about relationships, even more than it is for Libra herself. Any relationship is highlighted now and your focus should grow on this. The way you treat your wife or husband, the way you treat your lover is going to have a big impact in your life. It is a very good time to start a new relationship, especially when Jupiter is direct. You can meet a new lover that is exactly what you need at this time or strengthen the old relationship that you have and make it more powerful. Keep an eye on myLittleAstrology and I will mention when Jupiter is Retrograde.

Attract new business partners or new clients: As Jupiter in Libra loves a good business, needless to say that you can have a new business opportunity and meet new clients with this transit. Any trip that you do for business is very beneficial in the next 13 months and you will be very well received by your partners. Jupiter in Libra favors trips abroad to meet new people and I know for sure you love them too, so it is a very good deal. Any types of conflicts that you have with your business partners will have a way to work out as Libra favors negotiation and diplomacy. You need to be more flexible yourself and listen to your inner voice that calms you down when you want to begin an unhealthy fight at work. New business relations formed when Jupiter is in good aspect in the sky are golden opportunities for you.

Benefit at any legal agreements: Jupiter in Libra loves fairness, contracts and legal deeds. For Aries, it is a very favorable time to sign any type of contract, to renew a contract, to contact a lawyer to oversee some legal arrangements. Try to be as fair as possible as Libra asks for balance and that everybody in the equation is OK. Still, any types of official or non-official negotiation will be highlighted and the Gods will favor Aries and Aries Rising. Legal guys can also help a lot and that means your will find people who will offer service and support and they are all OK. Learn to trust all these people who offer advice as they will provide comfort.

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Aries – Year 2017

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