Aries MotherIf you are born between the 21st of March and the 19th of April, YOU are an Aries Mom! And if you are reading this, you kind of believe in the magic of mother and of course, astrology! On this post, I have to say, I speak from experience as my own mother is Aries and it was pretty hard to find the right picture, but when I saw the Super Man Costume on the baby, I knew that this is it, this is my mom! I had the blessing to have the greatest mum in the world and I don’t think I will ever find a better friend!

And of course, this post is dedicated to my Aries Mother and in the words of Abraham Lincoln, Aquarius like myself …

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

Best Aspects of Aries Mom

Aries Mom is independent, free spirit, natural leader and loves competition and sports! She is always on the go, likes road trips and likes to spend time outside as much as possible. She is a very dedicated mother and acts as a friend and as a leader in the same time. And let me tell you that this is difficult to achieve! Somehow, the Aries Mom can be both a leader, a parent, a great partner in crime and a very close friend. In the same time, the Aries Mom will teach their kids the importance of “me” and how it is very important to find happiness yourself and after that share that with others. I think this is the most important lesson you will learn from an Aries Mom: that independence needs to be cherished and best things happen when you can be free. She is also capable of imposing respect and children see the “General” of the house inside the happy, free Aries Mom.

Aries Mom usually wins at games and is adored by friends and public. She spreads magic all around her and people are very happy just to be around. This is when the child learns that friendships is important and that can change his life. She used to love to have kids around her even before she became a mother and that helps a lot. The open door and the healthy, happy energy is always in the room and friends of the child are very important to her. She treats them with a lot of respects and even remembers nice things about them to create a special bond. A good game is always initiated by the Aries Mom and kids love when she does that!

I believe in effort and hard work, but I did not get that from my mum. Mother Aries believes in instinct and gift and she will try everything in her power to know the real gifts of her child and direct the child towards that. She believes that you will be the best when you do exactly what you are gifted to do. One thing that she succeeds is building confidence in the child and doing that sometimes with bluntness and other times with care. The fact is that the Aries Mother knows how to make the child trust itself and its instinct and be ready for any kind of competition in life.

Some Challenges?

Aries Mom is not usually satisfied with her way of doing things as a parent and that is why you often see her at conferences about parenting or reading books about child psychology. She is pretty hard on herself and is not ready to give up until she is certain that the child becomes a responsible, healthy, happy adult. After that, life slows down and she will be happy to be the best friend of her child.

Aries Mom can sometimes be too aggressive in an argument and can place too much passion in everything that has to do with the child. For Aries Mom one look is enough to establish order in the room. She can be quite serious and firm in the way she settles a debate with her child. Aries Mom must learn moderation, balance and gentleness and these take time and effort to master! The kids will appreciate the small gestures and will feel healthier with a more laid back flow of life. I say this because sometimes the atmosphere can be quite competitive.

Children Compatibility

Well, I think that the best is to have a mother born in Aries and you can be an Aquarius kid! That was me and my mum and we were great together! We both appreciate freedom, lack the social commitment and are very happy to drink coffee by the sea or at the mountains. The Gemini kid has also great compatibility with the Aries Mom as you have both Air Signs!

Leo, Aries, Sagittarius – these kids will love an Aries Mother! Fire, competition,  freedom and all these bundle up together in a crazy mix that will just free your soul and produce an exciting family life.

Aries Mom will have a very crazy relationship with a kid born in Libra and will challenged all the time. That is because Libra and Aries are exact opposites and sometimes this means passion and love, but it can also transform into some controversies. This relationship will be quite a ride for both of them! I bet they will eventually become best friends, but this will take time and understanding.

Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo – these kids will have some challenges with the Aries Mom! These guys want structure and order and the Taurus kid wants a lot of love and cuddling and tenderness and home related activities. The Capricorn kid will just be the old soul that needs structure and status and a lot of activity that has return on investment and clearly the Virgo kid needs order and detailed games.

Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio – these kids need to feel and sense their mother and this can be a thing with the Aries Mom. If the Aries Mother learns to be more gentle and to hear the energy waves, things can improve here.

Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing this post!

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Best Mother in the World: Aries Mom!
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  • August 27, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    This was spot on and the very thing I needed to read today. Thank you. I struggle with my scropio son and he is 6. Im obsessed with improving our relationship and providing him with the best life possible.


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