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Dear Cancer, this is your general description of the Black Year Snake, 2013. Get ready for a year of sweetness, fabulous expansion and romance. The main theme this year for you is hobbies, leisure time activities, play and recreation, and all forms of entertainment, gambling, taking risks and financial speculation. This is because Saturn, the great karmic lord and the most important planet of the year of the Snake, will be in this area of your solar chart until 2015. Saturn has entered Scorpio on the 5th of October 2012 and will stay there till the 17th of September 2015. Scorpio is a water sign, as Cancer, and this means the influence will be even greater. Many of you will go through a period of evaluation of talents and of expression. Some of you might find the time and resource to turn a hobby into a business. One other theme will be getting serious about stabilizing your love life, because now you are ready to start a new chapter in your life, where you can build richer emotions. If you plan to have a baby, now it is a very good time to do it as Saturn will guide along like a master. At the end of the transit it is possible that you will be a happy mom or dad and you will know your responsibilities.

What is more in 2013 is that you have 2 important eclipses in your solar chart falling in the exact same house as Saturn. In the spring, on the 25th of April 2013 a lunar eclipse will mark a change moment in your life and in autumn, on the 3rd of November a solar eclipse will ease the way. You’ll feel incredible change with friends and lovers. Your goal now is stability, and in order to achieve this you’ll have to make some decisions about who is going to be next to you as a friend and who has to go. Your love life is about to get passionate in 2013, Cancer. You’ve been preparing for the kind dangerously delicious experience of romance. You may be surprised in 2013 how a love affair suddenly moves into deep waters. And here there is a strong possibility to find a great lover right by your side.

2012 was not such a great year for you because you had to end many things in your life. And I know how hard it is for a Cancer to end things. A real and true Cancer is always connected to the past with strings. Year 2012 has been a year when you had to let go. You said good bye to lovers, to dear ones and some friends. Jupiter was there mark all these endings and he made you a little emotional with all these happening in your life. Jupiter, generally a close friend was a flame burner and he will stay a little longer with you. You must understand that everything has to come to an end in order to go higher and be happier. Here comes the good news: this summer (on the 25th of June 2013), lucky Jupiter is moving into your constellation to bring amazing opportunity and expansion to your world — all the way into July 2014! I know you have been expecting this! You’ve been preparing for the breakthrough and surge in success, so you’ll be more than ready to take your place in the limelight. All areas of your life receive blessings of Jupiter for the second half of 2013. Cancer, you are seeing whole new possibilities. Your vision of life is panoramic. Your self-reliance and faith in the world are growing exponentially. Jupiter does it all: marks a new beginning, a fresh start, a desire to be good and to start new! Work projects or whatever you have been doing back there in 2012 will come up in the limelight and everybody will see. Your wait and long working hours are finally going to pay off! Good for you, dear Cancer!

Uranus is marking your career, reputation sector and this is the planet of surprises, invention, independence and awakening. These areas of life can be unpredictable, but also highly innovative. You will find true independence in your career and I know this means a lot to you. You can also bring fresh insight into your work.

Have a great year, dear Cancer!
Cancer – Romance, Children and Recreation 2013

3 thoughts on “Cancer – Romance, Children and Recreation 2013

  • January 2, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    excellent! thanks for the good news! C.

  • September 4, 2013 at 3:26 am

    I think we poor Cancers are in need of good news after the last few years!

    • September 4, 2013 at 9:44 am

      Yes, I am aware of that – things have changed a lot in the last years for you and the change was not very pleasant. I hope everything will be smoother with Jupiter in your sign. Thank you again for reading and stopping by!


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