The New Moon of this month is in Taurus and it occurs on the 26th of April. As any New Moon, it is a very good time to commit to new things and start fresh. The Moon feels wonderful in Taurus and the story of this New Moon is the story of the law of attraction in the Universe. There are no challenging aspects with it and that means the Taurus energy will manifest itself at its most powerful. This is a stable, grounded, practical energy that will force us to create a very strong foundation to build on for the rest of the year.

The Influence of Venus

We are now at the end of the most difficult period of the year 2017 as the Venus Retrograde has ended on the 15th of April and Mercury will move direct on the 3rd of May! Things will start to grow and energies will shift towards new horizons, new ways, a new life. The Taurus New Moon is just what we needed to feel this jump towards anything new and for some of us, a brand new life or a brand new job. The emphasis is on Venus and her long retrograde period in Aries and Pisces. Very soon, Venus will jump into Aries again and in a very special way for this year, things are starting new as Aries is the first sign and the one that marks the new astrological year.

While Venus was in retrograde motion in March and April 2017, we managed to go very deep within ourselves and found some very deep buried secrets. If you managed to work along with the energy, you are now aware of more dark secrets about yourself and you also know where to find the remedy. You know now that old ways are going to die and a new fresh approach to your work, your habits, your life is about to be born. It’s time to answer some critical questions and to take action! It’s time to follow your own path and to choose your own way. Group decisions or choices that are influenced by society or by the public are not advised. The fear is over and once we moved through it with an open heart, we prepare the ground for something new.

And this is why I chose the law of attraction idea for the end of this critical time of the year 2017 and the opportunity to be born again!

The Law of Attraction

I am a believer in the law of attraction, not a firm believer, not an advocate for it, but I think it has some karmic truth behind. There is a certain power and magic behind our own thoughts, ideas, imagination, plans, internal beliefs. The way I see it, the Law of Attraction dictates that whatever we can imagine is achievable if only some sort of action is taken.

The idea behind is that people are magnets and that they send out thoughts and emotions and attract back more of that. And if you believe this or not, one thing is sure: the more you focus on something, the more powerful it becomes. This is what I think can happen at this New Moon in Taurus: the opportunity is here and the flow of energy is just right for thinking about what we want in the future. It is a good time to prepare the ground to plant seeds and stay positive and watch them grow. You can create your own reality by “attracting” the experiences you want to have in the future. And ask for more, be brave!

You Get in Life What You have the Courage to Ask For

Picture from this post was chosen from the beautiful pictures by Madalina Badea, a Taurus herself! Click on her name to see dazzling images on her Instagram account!

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New Moon in Taurus and the Law of Attraction

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