Dear Pisces, 2013 is the Year of the Black Water Snake and it it’s a favorable one for you. The highlight of the year will be the house that relates to higher learning, belief systems, travel, and adventurous experiences. Also this sector is about improvement, improvement on every aspect of your life. Saturn guides this house now and as I said in my 2013 year post, the most important planet of the year is Saturn. This influence began October 5th, 2012, and is with you until September, 2015. You may decide to start a new project and write a book or start a new small business; you will work very hard on this project. It is best to start new education or new target for your life. Discipline and order will be words you will hear a lot this year as Saturn will make you aware that you have to change some things in order to achieve the goals you want in life.

Summer brings a great water trine on the solar chart and that means all the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and especially you will feel the great energy drive. Trines are all about unity, control, good and healthy energy. You have the power of a healing potential and you can take advantage of it in a very good way. This is entirely up to you as you have the power to help all around you. One other major aspect of this trine is that people will want to pay good money to get what you offer. Connect that with the Snake year, a healthy energy for saving and investing money and you have yourself a place where you can make some money. Note that these are money that comes from other than your work.

Jupiter is the planet of good luck, the planet that brings expansion, blessings, optimism and prosperity. Jupiter is now in a retrograde motion, but it will turn direct with full speed ahead on the 30th of January. Jupiter is in your solar house that has to do with home, real estate and property concerns, domestic issues, our private life and family in general. You can buy a house now, or move to a new home, likely bigger. Jupiter is the planet of wealth and expansion, so if you make a change during its presence it’s going to be a favorable one. You can now work from home or just place your new office at home. Matters that have to do with family, staying close to your family can have a smoothing and pleasant feel about them. Jupiter will stay in this sector till the 25th of June; from this date on Jupiter will move in Cancer and that means romantic and creative worlds for you may expand and grow. Cancer for you relates to parties, romance, creativity and children. It is very good to have a child with Jupiter in Cancer. Please note that Jupiter will stay in Cancer till July 2014.

Uranus, the planet of surprises, invention, independence and awakening is proudly affecting you solar second house, as Uranus is in Aries. Aries in your solar chart means money, money you earn, debts, and possessions, especially those you value highly. And now you are in for a surprise and you search for independence in your money sector. When it comes to income, you are challenged to think differently in order to come up with plans to improve your finances. Snake year is favorable so go for it!

In astrology, change is related to an eclipse and in 2013 we have 3 lunar eclipses and 2 solar ones. This is very important as they mark shifts in our lives; but not major ones, just incidental. For you, dear Pisces the sector that will be affected the most will be the travel and the communication sector. So, things can change in your life and you must travel, short business travel or just pure relaxing experience travel. Also a shift will take place in the communication sector and this nowadays relates to the internet, blogs and media.

Have a great year dear Pisces!

Pisces – Higher Learning 2013

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