Dear Sagittarius, this is your general description of the Green Wood Horse, 2014. For you, this year will be about finishing up major projects and take extra care of your money. The general trend for the year 2014 is relationships. This is a year where we create relations or we just get rid of the ones that are not doing any good to our lives. We are ready to struggle for the relations that are good for us and we are ready to forget all about the people that are not right. This year we take action and make decisions, we don’t plan; we just feel what we should do. Not all decisions must be based on instinct, but this is the general trend. Venus and Mars are 2 very important planets in the year of the Green Wood Horse and these are both retrograde at the start of the year and that is why we have to be careful in anything we do in our relations. Your planet, Jupiter is also retrograde for the first 2 months of this year and that means a low profile, some diet will be good, stay at home and use this time to rest.

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Venus is now very powerful and Venus is retrograde till the 31st of January and for you that means you have to be careful in all relations concerning money giving or receiving from relatives or from work. Evaluate things and don’t rush into anything at the start of the year. It is clear by now that you need more money because something happened in your life. Learn something new to earn money. Be careful on spending a lot of money and try to think about your resources. You will concentrate around relationships with banks, taxes, debts, financial advisers, loans, and investments. Mars is also going to retrograde at the start of this year in March, April and May 2014 and that is a sign of going to the negotiations room and not to war. Mars is forcing you to play it safe; you may be forced to stay calm at the start of the year. Scale back on your big dreams now and learn a little patience. Support is forthcoming.

Decisive action brings victory in a year like this one. That goes for the major changes this year. These are given by the 4 eclipses that we have in our astrological chart. Eclipses in 2014 for you will mean changing the way you see relations with friends and associations. Some new friends will decide to help you in many ways and this support is very well received. This will be happening in April 2014. The October 2014 eclipses will make you spend more time with your children, be happy near your family and plan for a child if you don’t have one already.

Jupiter is the planet that brings expansion, blessings, optimism and prosperity. Jupiter is in Cancer and that means it highlights house of intimacy, sexuality and money that comes from others. Sexuality is richer. There can be benefits coming your way through others, whether it’s money, you have an easier time getting loans. Take care of the money that comes from others because they are very important at this time. Also, this is the best year to get rid of debt that is hanging around. Try to do so because Jupiter is a partner when it comes to debts. Note that this cycle is going to last till July 2014. After July, Jupiter will move in Leo and that will be a great plus for belief systems, learning experiences, and hunger for adventure. Some of you may update their skills or pursue higher education. You are coming close to a peak period for career and recognition that begins in middle of the year 2015. This is also a favorable time for publishing, promotion, travel, language learning, teaching, religious activities, sports, competition, outdoors adventures.

Saturn has entered Scorpio on the 5th of October 2012 and will stay there till the 17th of September 2015. Scorpio rules your solar chart that relates to spirituality, imagination and experiment. If you have a problem you need to go deep and search for that problem to reveal. You can concentrate on your health and make sure to have it checked. Saturn sweeps through your life and demands that you take a hard look at what’s been hiding in there. You must solve unsolved problems that you have. You have to leave everything behind you and try to find better ways to live in the future. Saturn is telling you that a cycle on your life is ending now and you have to be prepared for that end.

Have a great year, dear Sagittarius!

Sagittarius 2014 – finish up major projects

2 thoughts on “Sagittarius 2014 – finish up major projects

  • January 3, 2014 at 11:30 pm

    uuuuu…sounds like I hit the jackpot, i mean Sagittarius!! 2014 it seems to be mature and calculated! sooner or later we all have to grow up 😀
    finish up major projects + cat picture = i’ll buy a cute fluffy kitty and nothing’s gonna stop that <3
    Have a wonderful year, Andreea!

    • January 4, 2014 at 11:09 am

      Salut Doamna Pria 🙂 Ma bucur ca iti place pisica … se pare ca a avut mare succes la Sagetatori. Sa ai un an bun si frumos !
      Multumesc pentru comentariu !


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