sagittarius_2016into2017Things are fluid in this world, and if you don’t remain fluid, you get lost in the sauce“. Talib Kweli

This post is dedicated to all of you out there with the Sun Sign in Sagittarius and with Sagittarius Rising! This is the lucky sign, you people, the luckiest of them all as Jupiter is the planet that rules this zodiac sign! Sagittarius happens to be the extrovert, the enthusiast, the traveler and the ones that loves changes. They are the ones who bring hope to the world and you are very blessed to have one around you. They can transform any thought in concrete action as they can both dream and work on things! Sagittarius loves freedom above all and they are ready to explore the world. They are good on the road and happy to take everybody on board.

I am going to shed some astrological light on the upcoming months of 2016 and beyond for all of you born under this lucky Sun Sign. Until now, 2016 was an interesting year, but it didn’t have much excitement or action as we had Mars, the planet of  war and action had been going backwards a big period of time. When Mars is retrograde, things are not progressing as we want and there are times when we go over things and try them again and again. This had a very big focus on Sagittarius as Mars was in Sagittarius most of the time. You felt stuck in time and not ready to move yourself forward. Things will change at the end of this year.

The last 4 months of the year 2016 are the most intensive and challenging of the year 2016. Intensive because we need to think about changing and we need to do it fast and challenging because we have some inner tension that will translate into our immediate environment. We experienced 2 eclipses in the month of September 2016 and their influence is until the end of this year. These eclipses have 2 negative aspects associated with them: an opposition with Neptune and a square to Saturn. Neptune can bring deceivers and Saturn is craving for more structure and a more organized self. With these aspects, the goals related to these eclipses will be difficult to accomplish. Keep in mind that the quote of the end of the year will be “Slow and steady wins the race”. Sagittarius do not like this quote as their life must be full of philosophy and adventure. You hate taking things slow, but please consider this type of approach until the end of this year (2016).

The first solar eclipse was in Virgo, on the 1st of September 2016, and this one had a focus on your life path and your career. The fact is that you need to change some things in your career and you need to understand how much you need to change. It’s either that you are stuck in time and you did not move on for a long time. You know you can do better than this and you are able to shine. Saturn is now in your sign and you feel some pressure. Saturn is going to get the best out of you and he will test you and make you a better person.

The second eclipse was in Pisces, it was a Lunar Eclipse, on the 16th of September 2016, and it encouraged you to look at your foundation and at what makes you stick to the ground. Keep in mind these words: “The higher the structure is to be, the deeper must be the foundation.

What Sagittarius should do to use this energy in a positive way:

1.Find your life path

As the Solar Eclipse was in Virgo and for a year now you had Jupiter in Virgo also, the focus for you was on your life path, where you are going with your career, if this is the way to go, if this is your destiny. You have experienced a great deal of good news in the career sector as Jupiter transited Virgo and just to give you an idea, the transit happened from August 11, 2015 until September 9, 2016. This transit ended with this powerful Solar Eclipse in Virgo and that means abrupt change for you in this area. You needed a transformation in this area of career and it is probably going to be a change of jobs or a change of location

2.Reconsider your profession.

This is a good time to really think long and good about what you have at your disposal and what you can do with what you have. With the Solar Eclipse energy, you are going to be forced to understand that there are some things that you do want to change and that this is a good time to do it. It is good to wait until October 2016 to do this as all the energy goes direct and the flow is positive.

3. Build a stronger foundation

With the energy created by the Pisces Lunar Eclipse, the way you build your foundation and the way you rely on it makes a difference. As the lunar eclipse is going to be happening in Pisces, it is interesting to observe the healing message. All your actions are based on something very string that you have inside of you. In astrology it is called foundation and it is related to all the things that our parents and our family shared as values. These are the things that need restructuring now as you need to change some of these values to adapt to a new world in front of you.

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Mercury will be retrograde a lot until the end of the year: we had him retrograde from the 30th of August 2016 until the 22nd of September 2016 and we will have this again from the 19th of December until the 8th of January. We will begin the new year with Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and that will create some confusion.

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Sagittarius – staying fluid

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