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As I grew older, I turned out to be a lover of September month. I am not sure why and how this happened, but it just happened. I now love the chill, the lower degrees, the wind and the funny feeling that it is OK to stop and organize. Or you can just find a good place to read and spend a day outside and still feel happy. I am now living a very special moment in time when I can enjoy the small things in life and it is really mind blowing. There is this life that I missed before and I had no idea about. I am tacking some time off and I want to write more on my blog and read more and just enjoy small things. I even have a special room that has these large windows when I can literally see autumn coming in and seasons changing.

We have the same new and extraneous feel in the sky as well and it is quite powerful. Most of us feel this way because and after the eclipse and this month is just a revealing effect of the Solar Eclipse in Leo that happened on the 21st of August 2017. IF you want to know more about the eclipse, you can easily read my article and think about it.

We do have something specific happening in September, we have the Sun in Virgo and Mars and Mercury and they are all opposing Neptune in Pisces. This is quite a confusing, dissolving energy and a time when we can feel that we don’t have enough focus to get things done or move things forward. Don’t worry about this as this is passing by, but we need to know is that it can also bring some useful insights in ourselves. Neptune can open our minds to a new self and this new self can be quite intriguing as it is very new to us. The old foundations of your ego are lost forever and you need to find new ones. You will find a higher, more powerful YOU and this process can be painful and can lead to loss of motivation. But trust the process as it will open up.

It is OK to feel lost, to feel confused and to stare at yourself and your life. It is a sign that things need to change in different and amazing ways, in ways that you cannot imagine now. Let circumstances evolve, let life be the way it is, don’t fight it, be gentle, be kind and find a cozy place where you can have coffee or tea and just enjoy the scenery. My advice would be very simple: “search for the silver lining”


At the start of this month Mercury will go direct and all the energy that we have in the sky will mainly be Virgo energy. For you, it is all about routine work that you don’t like so much and a lot of attention to details is needed from your part. The Full Moon in the first week will be mainly related to something behind the scene, so a lot of work and attention to something that happens in your family and that you cannot yet reveal. You will put a lot of pressure on yourself and you need to get things done in a perfect manner. This will not help the overall objective, just think about the law the diminishing returns in Economics that mentioned that the addition of a larger amount of one factor of production, while all others remain constant, will not pay off and will eventually decrease the overall productivity. What I mean by this is that you really need to consider the amount of effort you are putting on the line and think if this effort will pay off this month. There can be issues or focus on your overall health or the medical condition for someone in your family. Pluto is here and as I was reading recently, this can bring regenerative effects to anything that touches. Wait until the Sun moves into Libra and that is when you can have a chance to get more attention or it can open the way to the new love that was offered by the Eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius points.


The good news of the month is that Mercury spent all August in retrograde motion and now, going in September, he will be up and running at full power. No more delays and you can focus on going on with your plans. All the action is going to be headed to Virgo this month and as a Taurus Earth Sign yourself, you love this practical energy. At the start of the month you will be going to a social event or you will be invited to a place you like a lot! A lot of people there, happy atmosphere, almost dreamy and poetic as Neptune is close by and will try to have his way. A lot of social events like this one can happen and your spirit is drawn towards living a peaceful, romantic, playful life. It just seems that you have no worries and you just trust that everything will be just fine. Lovely spirit you have there this month, Mr Taurus! Venus will join the party soon in your love life and at the end of the month you will have a special date, you can meet somebody new or you are just so sure that the person you are with is the love of your life. You are prepared to make a commitment with both Venus and Mars in your true love. Be open for romance, go out as much as you can this month as the sky is just opening up for you in a social and romantic way.


The best news of the month is that your ruler, Mercury, is going to be up and running in September and that means things are starting to move forward. Say goodbye to cancelled plans and hello organisation and saying YES to questions and contracts. All the energy this month is focused on Virgo and on what Virgo represents in this world: practical matters, money management, details and contracts. This is a powerful energy, but it will be challenged by Neptune that is in Pisces and is now opposing all this down-to-earth energy. For you, it makes you think very deeply about your core foundation, what you really want to have as values and what you really want to have as the base of your love or professional life. Neptune makes us think and re think what we want and what we need and he can trick us by leading us on the wrong path, but stay true to yourself and find what you value and things will be OK. The Full Moon in Pisces has the spotlight in your career: something is coming to an end now in your career or it is culmination, a turning point that you need to take care of. Also, later this month after the 28th of September, Pluto is going to go direct and this means you will have a green light to some money coming in forms of bonus or commissions. Later in the month, you will find the time to go out and play!


It is all about communication for you this month as all the Virgo action is there. This is a good time to know what you want and go out to the public and say it! Try public speaking, going to classes on how to communicate and it is about you, your skills, your business and how to put it out there, how to sell it and how to let the world know that you are really doing something amazing. This is not particular a thing for Cancer people as they love more inwards creations and behind the scene action, but this is one placement in the sky when connection, contact is what you need. Reach out to people who can help you with this kind of work and it doesn’t matter if this is about your skills and how to market them to the world or about your small business, the thing is that you need to go out there. This is the Virgo energy pulling all strings this month and most of the planets are there! This section of the sky is full and that means that it opens the way for a lot of energy. Pisces is here especially at the Full Moon in Pisces, but you love Neptune and the dreamy feel it gives. The New Moon in Virgo tacking place on the 19th of September will add up half of the solar system here and it is going to be something very big: marketing, selling, publicity, new media, social media, blogging, quick travel for work and anything is needed to ground all this energy! A lot of action for you dear Cancer, so try as much as you can to relax during weekends!


As August was such a full month for you: some of you decided to get married and some of you broke up, some of you started life as a new person that asks many things from life, a new You, a new health regime, a new person all together. These eclipses made you shine or just turned your life upside down and now you need to see how to put things in order. Something big happened to you and if you just don’t know what this is, wait until September mid month and news will come. Now, all the energy that was in Leo last month is going to Virgo and that means money in and money out for you. First days of the month will bring big news to you or you will be the one delivering the news. Things will look exciting and people around you will be very happy on these news. The Full Moon in Pisces and the New Moon in Virgo will talk about money. This is a time when you think of asking for a raise and if you do, it is OK, all planets support this. But please take anything you hear with a grain of salt as Neptune is going to be near by and things can get confusing especially for money management. Try not to sign papers until all this fast moving energy will clear out, somewhere after the 28th of September. Money is on your mind all month, but you really need to be very careful on what you say and how you say things regarding this topic.


It is your month, dear Virgo! All the energy in the sky is crowded in your corner and you feel important and ready for anything. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 5th of September felt very powerful regarding a relationship that you have that will come to an end or to an important milestone. You decided to move forward with that relationship or you are just ready to take another step to keep it. Neptune is here and it will create some confusion, some lack of focus and dreamy atmosphere and I know that is not what you want or like. There is also a strong emphasis on money management and I know that you love this part of life! Jupiter is bringing its light to this amazing part of your chart and it makes things really interesting. September will be the last month when Jupiter will be here and I hope he can send a good bye gift to you: you will receive a bonus, find a new client that will be extremely beneficial for your company, you will get a raise or just find a new source of income. Also, be ready to start fresh and new and happy as this month you will have the New Moon in Virgo on the 19th of September 2017. Some victories are going to be celebrated now and you can start something new that is lasting at the time of the New Moon! As this month is your birthday, be sure to click and read the post about loving a Virgo!


Mercury is going direct at the start of the month and that means you have a clear road ahead of you! No more confusion or red tape or waiting in line to get things done, we are now on the right track on solving everything that was stopped and messed up in the month of August 2017. You have the gift of peace and patience, but you had enough of waiting for Mercury! The road is clear now and as Jupiter is still in your first house and as this is the last month of the extraordinary transit, things will change dramatically for you! You are probably moving or just leaving your old life and starting something new or just quitting everything from the past. Life is looking good at the horizon and you love your silver lining! The Virgo energy is not an energy that you enjoy as there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes and there are a lot of well kept secrets that probably are now revealed at the Full Moon in Pisces on the 5th of September or at the New Moon in Virgo on the 19th of September. Also, check your health and watch your back as enemies can be right around the corner for you waiting for your next move. Things are really changing for your and you need to be prepared for people to show their true nature during times like these. Your birthday is coming soon and until the 10th of October, things will be clear for everyone!


There is something positive coming in for you and it is going to hit big in October! I say this because Jupiter will change signs and he will mark your beautiful way! Jupiter is the great helpful planet of the zodiac and that means a new stage is starting for you where you will be very happy and will have a lot to share. You have recently made a change in your career or you plan to make a big change there. Venus was here and helped a lot. Your popularity, your reputation, the way you are seen by others improved considerably this month and you will now see the results. The change is beneficial and it will help you in putting order in your life in the next months to come. Jupiter is going to make the transition on the 10th of October and as this marks a change, please mark this day in your calendar. If you think things can improve in your career, you can use the 15th of September as a day to make any kind of deals, sign papers and make decisions as Jupiter will make a nice aspect with Venus. There is also a lot going on in the financial sector and your rewards for the hard work you have been through. It seems that there was a lot of work and a lot of investment from your part and you didn’t get the return on investment wanted. Things will change here also as Saturn will also soon change signs. An era is over and this is marked for all these shifts in the sky.


Good news here for you is that Mercury is no longer in retrograde motion and things are moving forward. The Full Moon in Pisces early in September will make you focus on something related to your home or family. There are things to be completed and you will probably need to go shopping for new things. This is not an energy that you highly appreciate as it is watery, it flows and you are not actually sure if all the investment done in your house will worth the trouble. Try not to make hasty decisions and make sure to get somebody’s else opinion regarding the home issues. Neptune is very very powerful this month and it sits now in your home sector and this is not an easy aspect to handle. The Sun is in Virgo and it is making a very important note of your career and the way you see yourself and you present yourself to the world. You will try a new job or you can receive a new offer from another company at the time of the New Moon in Virgo on the 19th of September, but please be very careful with this one as Neptune is still here and is still marking his way into confusion and lack of focus. Don’t sign papers just yet, wait until the wind of change comes in and the Sun will move into Libra from the 22nd of September. But the offer you get can be an exceptional one as Venus, Mercury, Mars and the Sun are all in your career house. The silver lining for you is the love you receive from your friends and family this time of the year.


You love the Virgo energy that comes into play this month, dear Capricorn. Something begun or ended at the Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st of August 2017. Things changed inside of you very deeply and you need to be sure that was the best thing. Eclipses have a way to push us forward and do things that we did not imagine not in our wildest dreams. There is something in the air and you know it and people around you will know this about you. But this is for the best and you do have the silver lining and you will fix things. You need to focus on some travelling or a learning experience that you are going through. The new moon in Virgo on the 19th of September marks a new beginning for you in this area of travel and foreign countries. You can actually take a decision to move from your country to another or you can start a new business relationship or love story with somebody that is not by your side. IF you are not planning to leave your country or town, you can begin a project with international presence and you will just love to work with these people. They will admire you or focus on your greatest abilities. It is a good time to read and learn and focus on how you want to grow. This will help too if you want to change your job and receive greater recognition for your skills. Pluto is going to go direct and there is some secret that needs to be revealed in October. Take care!


All of us Aquarius people are moving through a very intense and a very inward looking time. The eclipses from last month that begun and stir up the Leo/Aquarius are marking new stages in our development. The pan is to move out of your comfort zone and make you start plans or put ideas in practice that you did not see coming for years to come. I will write a special blog post about this change and about Aquarius people as I feel the need to share my story. I say our development as I am an Aquarius myself going through a very challenging time. In September we will move into a very introspective phase and we will analyze the last phases of our lives. We can be involved in money matters and all this will be quiet, still activities that will calm the mind and the spirit. As Neptune is very close to the Full Moon in Pisces and opposing the Virgo planets all month, it is not a good time to sign papers or to venture in financial dealings. Instead, think about how to plan your money wisely and spend as little as you can. You need to remain open to new ideas and new opportunities, but please take care of the confusion and the dreamy stage that Neptune is bringing despite the practical nature of Virgo. The best is to focus on yourself and this is a great time of revealing your own psychology and build a stronger self. The silver lining for you is the inner growth that the stars are granting.


You love the Virgo energy this month, dear Pisces and you will probably enjoy a lovely holiday at the start of the season. The Full Moon this month happens in your Sign and highlights desires and goals that were projected and now they come to fruition. This moment marks an ending of some sort and a moment of calm and happiness. Neptune is here and tacking care of you if you are a freelance creative worker or if you want to deliver any kind of special gifts to the world. There can be press and networking activity with fall and you are happy and feeling lucky so go out in the world and shine. That is, after you relax and enjoy the end of summer in a super holiday. At the time of the New Moon in Virgo you will be very happy and very much in-love and grateful once again. It seems you are celebrating something with the love of your life or you can find love that lasts forever at this time. Neptune is here again and be safe and stay secure and don’t get too enthusiastic about a new business relation or a new love as the aspect is not positive and it implies Mercury. This means you will find out more about the person or about the business later in the month and the aspect can be now hidden from you. Pluto will go direct on the 28th of September, having been retrograde almost all year 2017. This will allow you to move ahead more productively on financial negotiations and settle them more quickly.

Thank you for reading and hope it gives a glance on what September brings!

September and the search for the silver lining

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