Dear Taurus, this is your general description of the Green Wood Horse, 2014. New interests and learning continue to be a positive theme in 2014 and later this year, there can be a real settling down process. Remember 2014 is a year of relationships, a year where we create and work for them or we just get rid of the ones that are not doing any good to our lives. This year we take action and make decisions, we don’t plan; we just feel what we should do. I know that this is not your way of doing things, but only this year you have to feel things before you do them. Not all decisions must be based on instinct, but this is the general trend. Venus and Mars are 2 very important planets in the year of the Green Wood Horse and these are both retrograde at the start of the year and that is why we have to be careful in anything we do in our relations. These planets have a great impact in your life, dear Taurus.

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Venus, your ruler will send you on a quest to see a different kind of love affair. This could be someone you meet on your travels or in a college environment or at work. A past love may come to haunt you and you have to be prepared. But pay attention as Venus is retrograde till the 31st of January and for you that means you have to be very careful in any relations that you start now. Evaluate these relations and don’t rush into anything at the start of the year. Venus will form a very positive aspect later on in the year from March till April, when she will help you win a good position or just have good luck at work. Prepare for a good start in this area of your life. Mars is also going to retrograde at the start of this year in March, April and May 2014 and that is a sign of just a going to the negotiations room and not to war. I know you like this and you are going to handle this period just fine. This is not a good time to go to court or to start or end anything legal. Create a pleasant atmosphere and allow yourself to have a peaceful work environment. Bring creativity at work and you can win a dream job or just a good career opening. Some hopes and dreams can come true if you just treat them wisely, don’t rush and don’t make mistakes, oh and yes, the most important aspect – build relations!  Another astrological event is going to be the Cardinal Grand Cross and now some relations will end on not such a friendly matter.

As I said, decisive action, not procrastination, brings victory in a year like this one. That goes for the major changes this year. These are given by the 4 eclipses that we have in our astrological chart. Eclipses in 2014 for you will mean changing your health habits, your relation with work. There is a possibility that you are going to work more than you can and you have to take care of yourself. You will have a Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 29th of April 2014 and that means that you have to change, you are the main focus and try to put yourself on top of the list. In October the focus will be money and the way you spend those. As I put my advice for the Year of the Green Wood Horse: Take a leap of faith, Have a breakthrough and fly and that works perfect with you.

Another planet that is helping you with change this year is Uranus in Aries. Uranus is the planet of surprises, invention, independence and awakening is proudly affecting your solar house that has to do with hidden parts, endings, as Uranus is in Aries. In March 2011, Uranus entered Aries and that marked the beginning of a period full with changes Uranus helps release you from unconscious habit patterns, perhaps stirring up your private life.

Jupiter is the planet of good luck, the planet that brings expansion, blessings, optimism and prosperity. Jupiter will help you with your change in your career. At the starts of the year, Jupiter will mark these main things: networking, learning new things, more optimistic and a lot of hard work. Travel, learn from this travel, meet some new people, learn from them and study.  From July 2014, you can relax and you can think about your home environment a little more. It’s a good time to buy a house or just invest in the one you have. Jupiter and Taurus near home make a great pair!

Have a great year, dear Taurus!

Taurus 2014 – career and learning

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