TAURUS-PNGI had to take a few days off as stress and fatigue in all kinds of forms were getting at me. I am not fully recovered, but taking care of my garden and spending time with my love is extremely empowering and relaxing. Let’s talk about the way the sky looks now. We have gradually moved into Taurus and that’s very good as the God of War left the house (Mars is no longer at home in Aries). Mars is now in Taurus and that means peace, quite, home activities and of course a little stubbornness. The little good luck planet Venus is also in Taurus and on the 1st of May, Mercury will also go into Taurus. From the 20th of April till the 9th of May we have 4 planets in Taurus. Well that’s a lot of stability and stubbornness to last for a year. Taurus is the sign of practical, earthy feelings, home environment and bank accounts. So watch out for these as they are now in the spot light.

Sun in Taurus

Taurus is also methodical, very sensual and receptive. He is the best at defending his rights and he is also very good at resisting stubbornchange. With the Sun in Taurus we will all be a little resistant to change; a little more sensual and more concerned about us. Taurus needs and achieves most of the time Security. With the Sun in Taurus we will do whatever it takes to have and protect our security. We will feel more determined than usual and it will be harder to start something. We will not accept change and we will fight it as long as it needs. Taurus is loyal and has a very deep connection to his family. We will take extra care and spent extra time with parents, sisters, brothers or children. With Sun in Taurus is advised to visit your grandparents or just spent quality time with your mum/ dad. It will make you feel better and the Sun will help you reveal the roots.

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus will be here on the 20th of April – Mars is the war planet and being in Taurus means that the war will not start. We will not start anything new as our Taurus here will not let us. Mars in Taurus is passive: no shifts, no reasons to start a fight, no new things to talk about. This will be in exactly the opposite position from before. Mars in Aries is all about new things, new projects, starting anything that is new and of course…wars in any form. Mars in Taurus is slowing us down, asking us to judge everything very carefully and plotting along patiently. We will not be impulsive anymore and we will build everything gradually. Mars in Taurus can be expressed negatively – we will do anything to protect ourselves and our rights. Mars in Taurus is not a fighter, but this is the time to defend our fortress (home, family, belief system, way of life).

DSC01226Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus is here from the 15th of April…well this is what I call a lovely time and it’s been like this for me. Taurus is naturally very sensual, lovely, content, possessive and values pleasure. So, at this time, we will be prone to enjoy an afternoon with our loved one…or some days off with our loved one. These days will be sensual and happy; that happiness that you feel at home after a long day at the office when you are so glad to be Home. If you have a Taurus partner you know what I mean. He/she is just making you feel at home in his/her arms and that is just the perfect feeling. With this aspect we will seek security and value anything that it lasts. We will hold on to a relation with many costs. Expressed negatively Venus in Taurus is excessive possessiveness and treating our love mates as objects.

Taurus Season
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