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The 2017 elevator pitch

I was writing at the start of this year that the main theme in 2017 will be compatibility. You can read the post here. Compatibility between people and events and you and the work you do and the friends you have and the groups you belong, even with your family or your neibourghs. That is why this year was great for getting married or finding a great friend or find the perfect group you belong to with the CONDITION that you have chemistry and long lasting compatibility. In the sky, we had a Fire Grand Trine that asked for chemistry and fire and action and we had Saturn there that took care of the long lasting part. The problem was that if you were not 100% compatible with the situation, the hit was quite hard and everything collapsed sooner that you thought. That was the case for me in my professional life, so I felt this burning on my skin quite hard.

And all of the above was spiced up all year long with the Uranus in Aries in the last degrees opposing Jupiter in Libra also in the last degrees. Now, you cannot imagine the power of this small astrological event here. The impact was obvious: changes, surprises, twists, crazy turn of events, things you could have never imagined, news, prayers coming true, a long term goal reaching out and fulfilling, ending of an era, beginning of an era. And all of this is possible because of these 2 crazy planets opposing exactly on the sky in 2017!

Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra

Uranus is the freedom seeker, the crazy planet that brings change, new things, loves to stir the pot, craves for the tension, the drama! For me, it is my favourite planet and I think Aquarius is indeed the Uranus type. And now imagine this guy in impatient, short-tempered and impulsive Aries! What a charm that was!

Jupiter is the lucky planet, the king of all kings, the power, the great benefactor and the one that can turn to gold everything he touches. This is, in my opinion a karmic planet and opens the door to light and he guverns the law of attraction. He can help you win the lottery if you know what I mean. Now Jupiter was in Libra all year and that brought a twist and a good luck to relationhips. We were happy or not to search and find relationships all around us. But as I said previously, the thing was to get along with each other and be extremly compatible. If not, Jupiter in Libra would punish and create chaos.

Exact Dates of the Uranus Opposition Jupiter Transit

As I said, the Jupiter in Libra opposition with Uranus in Aries was the event of the year in astrological terms, but some dates are worth mentioning here when opposition was exact:

  • December 25th, 2016 – it all started back in December 2016 and back than we had a small glimse of what can be changed and where we need to put all our energy to be able to realize the change
  • March 2nd, 2017 – this was another month where we started to feel the change is getting closer or things already happened
  • September 27th, 2017 – and this end of the month was revealing, incredible and all the change was done and can still happen in October 2017. And that is why I want to have this post out there for all of you to see and read.

The Greatest Impact

The greatest impact for this Uranus and Jupiter Opposition comes in September and in October 2017. We are now aware of what we need to change, how to do it and where we find the necessary resources for this change to happen. For some of us, this has already happened and we now need to find our way in the change and to get used to the new situation that lays in front of us. The change is quite important and needs foundation after the kick of Fire in 2017. And the foundation will come very soon as Jupiter will move into Scorpio, Uranus will move into Taurus and Saturn will change signs and move in Capricorn. This will lay some new groundwork and will make us more responsible and hardworking.

The opposition could have an effect on relationships, partnerships and created some friction until the new situation was imposed. Jupiter in Libra was all about the truth and justice and at this end of September and all of October 2017, truth will be out in the open, no more secrecy, no more hidden figures, all comes out in the open and you will certainly be surprised. We will also feel that there is some sort of win, some sort of battle won, some sort of justice being made especially with Jupiter in Libra. The desire to grow and make progress is adamant now.

This transit can give us just the right motivation to try something new or break free from a limiting situation. Now get ready to break loose from unnecessary bonds and discover with full force the mighty grace of the next step!

The aspect also brings a battle between the individual and the group and we need to find balance here. Question will arise and we will ask ourselves if this is the time to be a team player or just be a unique individual and take care of our needs?

Events occurring at this end of September and all of October 2017 can bring surprises and sudden changes of hearts or paths. People will change, situation will change, but note that this change just seems sudden. It can seem sudden from the outside, but it is planned and orchestrated in all of 2017. An internal or external fight was there, hard decisions were made, but this was not out in the open. Please don’t assume this is over as this transit has the power to pull the rug beneath our feet just when we think we figured everything out. Be aware of any kind of signs on your path and walk with care and don’t heart feelings in the meantime. Be as gentle as possible to all of us being hit hard by this transit.

This event can also trigger the end of an era and the beginning of something new, something special! This can be scary or can create more chaos, but we need to be strong and take on the new responsabilities. It is a call to the brave, to the wise and to the courageous!

What sign felt the Uranus Opposition Jupiter the most?

Well, this is tricky as we had another important event this year: the 2 eclipses in August 2017, one a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and a Solar Eclipse in Leo. Please read the post if you did not have the chance. Now connect that with this immense pressure of change that the Uranus opposition Jupiter brings. And imagine what this year had on its plate!

It was the year of Fire and Air and from all the 6 zodiac signs, Libra, Aries, Leo, Aquarius were hit the most. Please be aware that this is also the case if you have Libra, Aries, Leo and Aquarius on your ascendant. Libra had Jupiter by its side, but the pressure to change was enormous and the final days are here as Jupiter will change signs on the 10th of October 2017. The change was huge, but Libra is prepared and ready for anything new. It required determination and strenght to pull this through, but things did change for these people and affected a lot people around.

For Aries, the change was not that hard, it could have been somthing easier or a lighter decision, but things transformed in a way. Things will calm down as soon as Uranus will go into Taurus and you will not feel this pressure every day now. It can also mean that you took a decision and for you, it is not the right time to share. You will share when the moment is just right.

For Leo and Aquarius, is a different story. They were both hit by eclipses, hit by this transit, so changes in all different forms! I am an Aquarius and I lived this to its full potential. I felt this so strong I still cannot believe this and I had the power to write this when things relaxed a little bit and arranged. The change brought could have been related to a new role, a new job, a new relation, a new business partnership, a new idea coming to light. But for these 2, the Aquarius and the Leos, the new thing can bring tremedous opportunities, a new way to perceive themselves and their lives, a different perspective all together. All this came back with a lot of pressure and a lot of sleepless nights. Things will calm down, but just a little bit in the future.

Thank you for reading! Please share this post as it helps the blog exist and bring astrological news to all of you!

Uranus Opposition Jupiter – changes and twists
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