Virgo 2017Virgo, welcome to your astrology forecast for the year 2017!

The year 2017 is going to be a year of rest, peace, holiday and small happy bits. You will feel that all the pressure is off and you are more interested towards yourself. The work you are doing now is focused on details and is behind the scenes! You feel great like this!

Start of the year 2017

The year starts with Mercury being retrograde and that means things start very slowly and some of what we do at the time of the new year must be redone. Mercury, the planet of communication was retrograde in Capricorn and you had some troubles at the end of the year with your creativity or something to do with children! Things will improve as we have giant window opening from the 8th of Jan 2017 till the 6th of Feb when all planets are direct! A great time for anything new! This time of the year 2017 marks a good time to think about new year’s resolutions, put them on paper, draft a plan, connect to any stakeholders that can help with the implementation and start acting on the plan as soon as you can. Anything you do during this one month will impact the year ahead as this is the time to start anything new.

The Big Picture

In December 2016, we had some days that predicted the year 2017, the 24th of December 2016 and the 26th of December 2016. Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are marking a very positive trine in the sky that has influence all year long. The energy is Fire and it describes artistic creation, children, compatibility and opportunities. Virgo is an Earth Sign and you don’t like or appreciate Fire that much, but you like to get things done! For Virgo, this trine marks some endings, but big ones. You may prepare to change where you live or you focus a lot on a new location or a new home. Or maybe you just moved in your apartment and you want to create the dream house, but you never realized how much work it implies. You feel exhausted at times and you need a lot of rest. With Uranus in Aries, everything that goes on in your mind is like a continuous surprise and you understand that you need a lot of money to put everything together. Uranus will help you innovate and Saturn will help you put in practice everything that you want. The first trine happened in December 2016 and the next time these 2 planets meet in 2017: May 19 and Nov 11. As I said, the good connection in the sky is all year, but in May and November things get more intense and we should watch for clues.

Stubborn Vibes of the Year 2017

Venus, the karmic, crazy, lucky planet will be retrograde in March and April 2017 and that puts all of us in some painful situations. For Virgo, the emphasis is on money received or money owed to the bank or just one inheritance that gives you some headaches. You probably need to sign a lot of papers and need lawyers around you to fix things. Venus will also join Mercury who will also retrograde and that means double trouble in April 2017 and May 2017. It is a good time to finish up details and to mark some completion. It is not a good time so sign new contracts or travel. Keep in mind that this is not good time to start something new or to commit to something. It’s a time for the power of intuition.

Peaceful rest

Eclipses this year are very powerful and they make an impact especially on the Leo and Aquarius Sun Sign and they have just passed through your sign. That means that this will be much easier for you now and you will feel like some weight has gone and there is no push and no pressure. As you well know, eclipses mark changes, endings or beginnings with powerful disrupt of the status – quo and for you, it’s in the power of rest and of tacking some time off. It’s a great time to take time off, to leave on holiday, to give up some things, to understand that some battles are worth losing. It’s a good time to sense the peace and to focus on yourself. If you do work or try to do something, all this work will go on behind the scenes and not in the spotlight. As you are a person of detail and hard work, you will love these 2 next years. The 2 months that will change focus on you and on rest will be February and August. Both months are marked by powerful Eclipses and both have very good aspects in the sky.

This is a quote that I think will have a great impact on Virgo in 2017: “It’s very important that we re-learn the art of resting and relaxing; it allows us to clear our minds, focus, and find creative solutions to problems.” (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Good Vibes of the Year 2017

Jupiter changed signs in 2016, on the 9th of September from your sign to Libra bringing a lot of positive energy to all of us and for you it’s good luck on the money sector. Any focus or any small step that you are doing towards welcoming more money in your life is favored by the sky! You know that you deserve it and you waited some time for this. This is mainly until Jupiter moves into Scorpio on the 10th of Oct 2017. I will talk more about this shift of energy in October 2017. To use this energy at its full potential, try to:

A very good time to start a new business: Libra is all about business and relationship, that means it is a very good time to start a new business or focus on your old business that will give you more money. As we are talking about Jupiter and Libra together, it is a good time to invest in marketing and advertising and that will turn your business into a very profitable one! Join any kind of public sites and expect customers to jump in!

More skills, more money: With this good energy for Virgo coming from Libra, every new skill that we learn or that we focus our attention on can bring more money! This is also a time to update your resume and have there some special points that recruiters will be very interested in. You will love this and you will get to help people in their careers or in their job and make money out of this!

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Virgo – Year 2017

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