Oh, May! The month we were all waiting for! The Sun is in lovely Taurus and all personal planets that gave us a very hard time in March and April are now cruising along in a peaceful manner. If you have been reading my blog, you know I am talking about Venus and Mercury. Both planets were in slow retrograde motion in both March and April and that made things really complicated. We were stretched, confused, not finding a purpose and searching for too many answers. Mercury turns direct on the 3rd of May, marking this day as very powerful, we have a strong Full Moon in Scorpio that I will write about on my blog, so stay tuned and we have the Saturn and Uranus trine that is the mark of the Compatibility Year of 2017!

Now, we welcome May 2017 were things should shine and confusion disappears. This May we can shift, we can dance and we can learn a lot of new things. If you want to imagine May, it’s a ride on a new bicycle. It takes time to learn, it needs patience and determination and it’s quite a pleasant task. Don’t be afraid of a bump or two and keep your eyes on the road.

As I have left the company where I spent almost 11 years of my life, I accepted this quote as a special thought and I think I can call it the signature of my life and it fits the May astrological ideas.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” (Albert Einstein)


This month is all about what YOU want, Mr Taurus! You keep receiving these signals from all over the place that things should change to move in the right direction. You had your New Moon in Taurus and that is going to have a very big influence all month. The focus of course if going to be at the start of the month and you are actually building a foundation here and you are very good at this. Actually, this is your favorite place on earth. Try to bring all your energy together and focus on what you want to do until the end of the year and go for it! Just to give you some examples: you want a new job, or you just want to buy a new house to create a super home! Anything you want to do, this is the time to start arranging pieces of the puzzle. Mercury is direct now, so any plans written now and anything you sign, it’s just what you need! The Full Moon in Scorpio coming on the 10th of May speaks about a relationship that you have and that you want to take to the next level. It’s kind of difficult for you to do that, but as the time goes by, you understand that YOU want HER or HIM and it is as simple as that. Any kind of business partnership that you start know is very profitable and you need a very balanced and focused business partner. Enjoy May and keep your eyes on the road!


It wasn’t easy with the Mercury ruler being retrograde! We all felt this, but you were not quite yourself last month. You will feel things are exploding in a way just because there is this shift of energy and the flow is easier. The next big influence in your chart will be the mighty presence of Mars in Gemini. This is a great event as action, power, determination, focus, all of these are by your side now. You will put a lot of hard work into anything you love and you will also influence others to do it. Venus will be in Aries and this makes a perfect angle to Mars and that means friends, social events that you love so much and wild parties can happen this month without a thorough preparation! Money problems are going to be fixed or are going to get easier because your lover finds a new job or you just receive a loan from the bank. As Neptune is in your career house, any kind of creative endeavor is rewarded on the long term. It’s a very good idea to start thinking about it now.


If you think there is no way to move forward and you are just stuck in what you are doing now, you are so wrong! Options will appear that you have never dreamed of and you will just be surprised. This being said, be prepared and ride away with your eyes on the road! As the month opens, it has the influence of the New Moon in Taurus and for you the power of the law of attraction is there. Try to think positive thoughts and get rid of all the clutter in your life. It will bring a lot of peace of mind. It is also a good idea to go on a trip with somebody you love or just spend time with friends. Coziness, flowery, romantic feel keeps you in a good mood. The Scorpio Full Moon will bring more love, sparkle and butterflies in your stomach. It can also mean you are about to undertake a very creative project and results will come in pretty soon. Venus is still in your career and after going in the underworld (as Venus was retrograde most of March and April), now it lights up and you see the road ahead with more clarity. An event will signal his, so keep your mind open especially between the 10th and 15th of May. Enjoy!


Career shift and job performance are on your mind at the start of the month of May. You are changing your career or you just want to put more and more effort in proving yourself as being top of the top. It is not an easy task and you know it. The New Moon in Taurus that has an influence on the start of this month, made it very clear for you on your career next steps. March and April were crazy, confusing months as you did not know what the future awaits, but now, as you get your inner thoughts to align, things are getting better. As this will be settled and you see a few steps ahead, it is very important to look at your home. Try to make some small improvements or you do realize you need to change the way your house looks so much more. It is also a good time to sign a deal and buy a house or something similar to this. Mars will be near your friendship zone and that means that a lot of action is surrounded with your friends, group of people you surround yourself with. It can also mean that the career shift you are making at this time can create a lot of friendships and a community feel. Enjoy May, Mr Leo!


It is going to be all about career and promotions and better business! Things will just improve as you move along in May. Your company will just receive a lot of public recognition or you just get another big client to sign with you. Your hard work and your determination will just pay off this month. Mars, the action guy, stepped in top of your chart and creates all this wonderful opportunities for you to enjoy. Try to relax and also be sure to breath in when it is going to get tough. You are very happy with this Taurus Sun and all the relaxed focused energy that he brings. On the 10th of May we will have a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio and later in the week Jupiter will be near the Sun in Taurus. A very good day to look at how much money you are making and people around you that just develop and grow. A New Moon in Gemini will still open new ways for your career so it may be time to see in the future. You love this and all planets will create just what you need to support you. Enjoy May, Miss Virgo!


If you are a true Libra, you certainly love to travel the world! You look for jobs that need travel and you do as much hobby travel as you can. Mercury is now direct and the air is clear and we all can use some time off after the hard days of March and April 2017. It was extremely difficult for you to manage this retrograde, but now we are going to go on a new special route and people will be productive. At the start of this month you are negotiating money a lot that do not affect you personally, but you are the person who must decide what to do. You decide that you don’t want to do this anymore or you will need to change the way you handle other people’s money. The New Moon in Taurus created this new thinking pattern that I am talking about. As mentioned above, you are travelling this month and you may be talking about a new deal, a new job or a very big shift that must happen this year for you. Libra has Jupiter near her and that means a lot of powerful change. In May, things are going to be decided for you or you just have a final opinion and decision about something. May 2017 is a really good month for decisions, signing papers and being sure about what the future holds for you. Enjoy May, Miss Libra!


Oh, Mister Scorpio… it seems you have wedding plans or you dream about church bells. The New Moon in Taurus during the last days of April was really something for you, wasn’t it? It seems that you have met someone or you are sure about this special someone and you have now decided to take the big step. If you are already married, this can also point out to a business partner and a new business that you are putting together. The alliance is great as Saturn is near this Moon and he will bring a lot of stability and long term commitment. Be careful with money, though as you may spend more money than you think. And of course, this is the month when you will feel the great power of the Full Moon in Scorpio, my favorite one for you. This marks a very special moment if you think about the year 2017. It is the time when something happens and you feel really closer to your desires, your dreams, what exactly you want for yourself. It’s pure magic. You will love it and you will feel quite special because of one special person you love, your friends or your colleagues. As you will feel pleased and happy and charmed by all the attention you are getting, you will probably spend some cash! So, please take care of this aspect of your life and enjoy the month!


As I have mentioned, the hardest part of the year 2017 is now over and it is time for change, riding some new bicycles and happiness! As soon as the month of May 2017 begins, you are focused on a project that you started. This project is delayed or it is not ready yet and you just realize this. Some sort of setbacks were happening at work for you in March and April and in the first week of May. This is going to be over soon and things will improve as we go! The Full Moon in Scorpio will mark a good time to stop and smell the roses. It is important for you to relax, enjoy some peaceful days, go to the sea as Neptune is really close to this Full Moon and this can generate the comfort and protection you need. It’s quite a lonely, but beneficial time for you as Scorpio needs both transformation and long term strategy from your side. try to put all things to rest and find some ways to find yourself through the crowd and the noise. Any kind of doctor appointment is very well received by the stars. Take better care of yourself and your body and all will be well. Take care and relax at the end of the month when the Sun will move into your Gemini friend and that means love is in the air. Enjoy the month!


The hardship of March and April is over and here comes a very happy May that you will absolutely love! Stay with me as I feel you can be very cautious. The Full Moon in Scorpio, on the 10th of May with effect almost until the end of the month gives you the chance to be in the spotlight for a very important person at work or in your community. Please make the most of it and it gives you a lot of profile and new ways of doing things. This person can help now and can mark a very fruitful relationship until the end of the year. Identify this person or these group that can be of use to you. As always, you are top in your career and you need to keep the high standard you delivered until now. It appears that you will soon become the most important person at work and as the Sun will enter Gemini, things will just pile up. It is amazing how much work you can do if you put your mind to it. But you love it and that is why I know you will love hearing this. Gemini will give you some flexibility on your schedule and the way you share your free time/ working time, but this is just an illusion. You still need to do double the work this month. Take care, dear Capricorn!


Open up schedule and be sure to be prepared for anything that is related to your career as the Full Moon in Scorpio is powerful, innovative and a bit scary. Any job that you will take at this time will make learn more and it will also mean a lot for your future career. People will be looking up to you and this will make feel and act important. It is better if you work in a creative job or a creative field as Neptune will be very close to this Full Moon in Scorpio. This is not going to be a money Full Moon, if you do want to settle and establish new ground rules, you really need to wait until later in the month. Saturn will stay close and will establish more rules and responsibilities in the new job. As North Nodes are shifting, you will also feel a big change in your heart and spirit. Take a step back and think about what you want and what you need from your life. This will not come easy in your life and you will have to go through a lot of hard days. New Moon in Gemini will be happy and will energize your passion for learning and for creating something new in your life. It’s a good time to start thinking about a baby boy or a baby girl. Mars is in Gemini and can create this special feel about you and you can meet the man of your dreams if you are single. Enjoy, May!


I think you will love May, my dear Pisces! A month of glory and famous people for you. I know you love to be close to really interesting people and you will have the chance in May. You will meet a lot of new people and some of them will change your life. Also, you will have a lot of pressure to expose yourself to some C-Level people in your business or just some very important people. Try to shine and be your best. This crazy event involving these people will happen around the Full Moon in Scorpio, on May 10. You can also see some legal matters come to an end if you have such a problem in your life. Or it can also be a good thing, a visa, some important legal document is going to be signed. Be very careful and read through. Mercury is direct, so that means that we are clear on paper work and contracts. Neptune is nearby and you love Neptune and this will put an extra sign of creativeness on this month. Anything you do that involves film, photography, media, internet will be highly admired. You are not a fan of Mars, but this is a very imposing planet and in astrology, we usually talk about it. For you, it brings action to the way your house looks and what your home needs. Any kind of home renovation is perfect at this time. Be well and shine in May, dear Pisces!


Let the year begin for you, Mr Aries! It is a lovely time and a crazy new way for all of us, but especially for you as March and April were pretty hard and confusing. You still need to wait and soon all things will get cleared. The emphasis for you is on financial matters. You give money or you receive money or you do both. There was a huge thing on money for you these past days, weeks. Loans, banks, lawyers can be involved here as things don’t look so easy. You may be thinking of buying something really fancy that cost a lot, a lot of money or you have already done this and now you are thinking about ways to put the money back. At the Full Moon in Scorpio, on May 10, you will know a conclusion or two about this money matter. Note that this topic can be of importance until later in the month. So take care of your funds and spend carefully. Think about how you are going to pay back. Mars, your trusted adviser is in Gemini and you will love this placement. It’s going to put an emphasis on small travel with friends, relatives, your immediate environment. You will love that! And you will have this feel at the week’s end. Take care and love this month, dear Aries! Let the new friendly and happy year of compatibility begin!

Thank you Paul Lupascu for the pleasure to use this particular picture from your portfolio on my blog. Please take a look at Paul’s portfolio here and enjoy a photograph and a philosopher and his Hellenistic look on life!

May 2017: The Bicycle Ride
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