I have promised a friend to write this post and this is it. I have also made a promise to myself to have the drive to write about all the Sun Signs and the compatibility between them. I hope to keep it and I thank everybody who likes to read this blog and these posts.

To start off: remember Aries? The wild, fire one that starts everything and believes in wars? Do you think this sign is going to end up with a Taurus, our stable, security driven star Sun Sign of the month? Well, I am not sure as astrological they are not so compatible, but I have a famous couple to prove me so wrong and one of the strongest, most committed couple I know!

David Bechkam (Taurus) and Victoria Beckham (Aries)
Credit by http://media.photobucket.com/
They met at a charity football match and after that, Victoria and David began to see each other regularly. SHE is Posh from Spice Girls and if you do not recall her this way, you will remember her as Victoria Beckham. She is a strong true Aries woman. HE is an English sexy football performer who has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid. Meet the Taurus David Beckham. At the beginning of the relationships they used to drive to places and just spend as much time together as possible. When the press found out about their relationship, they were the most talked-about pairing in the country and in the world. Soon after, they got married. Now, Victoria and David have 3 sons and 1 daughter. The family is extremely happy and very committed. Just look at the pictures and you will again see what I mean.

Happy Taurus and Aries
Credit @ zimbio.com

Why they match? Taurus is ruled by Venus and Aries is ruled by Mars. Venus and Mars make this lovely couple and end up in a long love affair. Taurus has enormous staying power and Aries has a lot of passion. Put passion from Aries near determination and will power from Taurus and you will have a couple that is able to conquer the world. They are both loyal and sincere and they both see the future with optimistic eyes. Often times referred to as the as the “cusp of power”, the Aries/Taurus combination is one you do not want to fight against. They are very strong once decided to be together. It’s not going to be an easy task, but if this combination will work out, they will be the proof that opposites attract.

Aries will plant the seed and Taurus will take care of it to let it grow. Taurus will feed the relationship – take care of the house they live in, take care of the money and Aries will do all the other work that needs to be done. Taurus has a laid back attitude and Aries is fiery and spontaneous. Taurus really needs someone to be the starter and Aries needs someone to help him go all the way. Aries will do the talking and Taurus will do the listening. But that’s good, that’s very good as we need that in a relationship – don’t we? Taurus possesses a sensual and charismatic force of attraction for Aries.

Loving Taurus
Credit @ people.com

Thank you Cristina & Costin for inspiring this post!

When Aries meets Taurus
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