aquarius2016into2017_webThis post is dedicated to all of you out there with the Sun Sign in Aquarius and with Aquarius Rising!  I am going to shed some astrological light on the upcoming months of 2016 and beyond. Until now, 2016 was an interesting year, but it didn’t have much excitement or action as we had Mars, the planet of action retrograded a big period of time. When Mars is retrograde, things are not progressing as fast as we want and there are times when we go over things and try them again and again. This post is very important to me as I have the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius in my natal chart. If you want to know how your natal chart looks like, you can contact me for more information.

The last 4 months of the year 2016 are the most intense and challenging. Intense because we need to think about changing some things in our lives and challenging because we have some inner tension that will translate into our environment. The eclipse season is here and us, Aquarius, have 2 very strong eclipses in the money sector. These eclipse will send energy for about 6 months, so this is where I will focus on this post.

These eclipses have 2 important negative aspects associated with them: an opposition with Neptune and a square to Saturn. Neptune can bring deceivers and Saturn is craving for more structure and a more organized self. With these aspects, our objectives will be difficult to achieve. Keep in mind that “Slow and steady wins the race”.

The first solar eclipse was in Virgo, on the 1st of September 2016, and it had a big focus on debt, the way we share money with our partner, going to the bank and taking a loan or paying out a loan. Another big focus here was on our habits, the way we focus our energy to achieve things, time and money management. The second eclipse was in Pisces and it was a Lunar Eclipse, on the 16th of September 2016, and it has a very big focus on resources and money.

What Aquarius should do to use this energy in his favor:

  1. Make a very detailed plan to pay out any debt that you have

Enjoy the Virgo eclipse this September and the following 6 months and put up a plan on how to save more money to be able to pay your debt. It is a very good energy to be as thorough as possible and focus your attention on this. As Virgo is ruling this, the plan must contain precise information on how you should make this happen. There can be obstacles as this eclipse has negative aspects in it, but you are resourceful and you can manage things out. My main point here is that you need to make a plan, the plan must be good and you need to focus on paying back everything that you can. The energy will stand by your side on this. Any change of the way you earn money will work to your favor.

  1. Revise the way you share money with your lover

It is a very healthy time to talk to your lover about the way you spend money and what is needed in terms of resources to keep a good, happy home together. Understand where you can both contribute and make things easier in terms of money management. Any kind of shared money is now in the spot light and plans should be revised. Pisces Lunar eclipse is all about where money comes from and how you spend it as a couple. Talk about money, find ways together to earn money and this can be a winner.

  1. Reevaluate where you invest your time

Time is the most precious resource that we all have and you know that. But as an Aquarius, you like to waste it and not focus on the most important things. You can be a workaholic as myself, for example, but that means you should understand if it is worth it investing so much time in your work. You need to find balance and the find the return on investment. You need to evaluate how much you are doing and what you are getting in return. The energy teaches us to take time and see the magic in the environment. If you have this time, you will discover some new ways to make money and a new way of living!

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Mercury will be retrograde a lot until the end of the year: we had him retrograde from the 30th of August 2016 until the 22nd of September 2016 and we will have this again from the 19th of December until the 8th of January. We will begin the new year with Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and that will create some confusion and loss of focus.

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Aquarius–money management
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