I prefer to surround myself with people who reveal their imperfection, rather than people who fake their perfection.”

This post is dedicated to Libra Sun Sign and Libra Rising. This is my sister sign and I love it because I associate it with my mentor that always shows incredible power, tremendous determination and fantastic skill for working with people. Libra are the best at considering multiple sides of the story. Librans are the best with relations of any kind as this is the seventh sign of the zodiac. Here is something that describes Libra people and that I mentioned a long time ago when I wrote the post about how it feels when loving a LIBRA: The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold 2 opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Libra Man, born September 24). You can read this post here where you can also find a lovely illustration of Libra by Cristina Benescu, designer of myLittleAstrology logo.

I have prepared a small peak into the reality of the last 4 months of the year 2016. These months are the most heightened and a lot of focus is needed from all of us. Heightened because we have 2 very important eclipses and these urges us to change some things in our lives. These eclipse will send energy for about 6 months from September 2016 on, so this is where I will focus on this post. These eclipses have 2 important negative aspects associated with them: an opposition with Neptune and a square to Saturn. Neptune can bring deceivers and Saturn is craving for more structure and a more organized self.

The first Solar Eclipse was in Virgo, on the 1st of September 2016 and this created a lot of inner tension for you. Self-doubt and negativity from where you are now and from the people that surround you. This is a very special Solar Eclipse that ends the Jupiter in Virgo transit. It was a difficult transit for you with a lot of inner struggles and fighting inner demons. You were probably knocked to the ground once or twice and your internal values were not the same with those around you. That created internal chaos. The second eclipse was in Pisces and it was a Lunar Eclipse, on the 16th of September 2016. This eclipse put a lot of focus on your working style that no longer serves its purpose. You were very disappointed by the people you work with or by people in your company.

What Libras should do to use this energy in a positive way:

1.Learn to deal with self-doubt and negativity

As the Solar Eclipse was in Virgo and for a year now you had Jupiter in Virgo also, the focus for you was how to deal with indecision. Jupiter in Virgo created a preparation year for you in terms of dealing with negativity and with false people around you. Just to give you an idea, the transit happened from August 11, 2015 until September 9, 2016. This transit ended with this powerful Solar Eclipse in Virgo and that means abrupt change. It is a very good time to learn to let go of the past and focus on the future as new opportunities are coming your way. But first you need to deal with yourself and you need to understand that you can’t always win or save the day.

2.Change your working style and adapt it to the new wave

You have a very special way to deal with work habits as you invest a lot of time in having everything perfect. You tend to realize there are a lot of people out there that are too lazy or need more comfort and will not always respond to your high level of efficiency. You need to adapt more and be more flexible. Understand that the new wave is a wave of much more flexibility and more freedom. Again, there is a strong wave of millennials that are more interested in their free time and spending time with family rather than at work. Try to be as open as possible and listen to the new wave.

3.Set boundaries for false people

With the energy created by the Pisces Lunar Eclipse, healing needs to be done in your trust department. You need to rethink who do you trust and if needed, you need to end some relations once and for all. It is better for you to set clearer boundaries for all the false people that are now in your life.

Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted.

You need a fresh start and you will have it with Jupiter in your sign. Until then, please create a fence and enter your fortification.

Mercury will be retrograde a lot until the end of the year: we hd him retrograde from the 30th of August 2016 until the 22nd of September 2016 and from the 19th of December until the 8th of January. I mention this because we will enter 2017 in a state of confusion because of Retrograde Mercury.

Thank you for reading and please share my post and my blog!

Libra-boundaries for false people

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