GeminiGemini, welcome to your astrology forecast for the year 2017!

A year of travel and surprises, a year when you are going to meet a lot of crazy, nice people that will have an extraordinary effect in your life from now on. The astro recommendation is to go out in the world and travel as much as you can. You will enjoy this and feel like a happy butterfly!

Start of the year 2017

The year 2017 starts with a slow flow with Mercury being retrograde in the sign of Capricorn and that means that you probably had some challenges with money. You needed money to travel and it was really hard for you to get some. Mercury is your planet and when this planet in Retrograde Motion really gets in your way. This is typically a manifestation of Mercury being in reverse, but things will be better as soon as he goes direct. This happens on the 8th of Jan 2017. We have an excellent period of time from the 8th of Jan 2017 till the 6th of Feb when all planets are in direct motion! Great time to think about new year’s resolutions, put them on paper, draft a plan, connect to any stakeholders that can help with the implementation and start acting on the plan as soon as you can. The things you do at this start of the year will impact the year ahead as this is the time to plant the seed and start.

The Big Picture

The thing about this year is that we have a very positive energy: a trine that Saturn in Sagittarius is making with Uranus in Aries. This is a positive Fire energy that will actually be central during all year 2017. And you, Gemini, love the Fire energy as it suits you quite well. Take extra note about the month of May and the month of November 2017. It is a very good time to do what you love: create, have new ideas and put them in practice and I mean business ideas and try to think about as many as you can. This Fire Energy goes extremely well with your Air Sign and you will feel lighter and happier. The energy for you floats towards people, meeting new people that can change your life direction. Keep everybody you meet in mind as you never know where these new people may lead you. Be sure that in 2018, when the energy is going to shift to calm, practical, steady, you will know which person brought the best contribution to your life.

Communication and Travel

Eclipses this year are going to change signs and are going to hit Leo and Aquarius. For you, the energy is shifting towards a very communicative way of living. You will love this energy especially if you work in a field where communication is key. It’s such a great time for you because you love to move, to change and to meet all sorts of different people. Pay attention to all these people you meet as they can make an impact as you have Saturn in Sagittarius in your relationship house. It is also a time when you decide if you are going to stay in the long term relation that you have now. Saturn in Sagittarius decides things and put things to test. It can bring some tests to your love life and you must be ready for these. A very good time to travel is in August 2017 when a New Moon Solar Eclipse is up in the sky. The support from the sky is phenomenal and it can create a surprise travel that you will. Uranus is still in Aries and this brings surprises and Jupiter will be in Libra. These planets support the eclipses, so the changes are well received.

I loved this quote for you and for your Year 2017, dear Gemini: “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.

Stubborn Vibes of the Year 2017

As you know, Mercury is your planet and this planet will be in retrograde motion for 4 times this year. Stay close to myLittleAstrology to know the exact time. April 9 till May 3 will be the first and most powerful Retrograde Transit of Mercury. This will affect you and you will probably see roadblocks and things are not going to go as planned. Try to not make plans and avoid travel at any cost. Things can just be delayed and many things can get lost during this transit. March 4 to April 15 will also be very tricky as Venus will be in Retrograde Motion in Aries as well. So things can get very complicated. Some love affairs may end, you can be ready to experiment a lot in your love life at the cost of comfort and security. This is not a good time to start a new relation. This is a time when things should just stay still and no action is needed from you. Conflicts can start or can explode during this time. And I am talking about any type of conflicts.

Good Vibes of the Year 2017

Jupiter is in Libra from the 9th of September 2016 and will stay here until the 10th of October 2017. Jupiter feels extremely good in Libra and the joyful, lucky effect will be very visible for you. For Gemini, the flow is positive as Libra is your sister sign and that means a lot of positive energy is coming your way. Jupiter will bring his gifts to your creative self-expression and the way you play and enjoy life as it comes! What you should do to maximize the transit of Jupiter in Libra:

Exploring new ways of having fun: Jupiter in Libra likes to have fun and you are also a genius at it. You are extremely well received as a leader of the group of fun and of creative ideas to enjoy some free time. You need to focus and help others enjoy some free time. People around you may be stressed out or suffer of burn out. You are a carefree lover that will make things better for them.

Prepare a romantic escape: Libra is all about the other person and about love received and about how you give love. Show that you care in the most authentic way during this time. It is also a great time to meet somebody new that will light up your summer days. Under this influence, this relationship is not going to be a long term one, but you will have fun.

Start a creative project: with Jupiter in Libra you will succeed in any creative project. You know a thing or two about design and you can make wonders when you show your talent to the world. If you think about a business or just to have a new home, you will impress with the way you will design everything!

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Gemini – Year 2017

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