Dear Leo, this is your general description of the Black Year Snake, 2013. The main theme this year for you is home: base, foundation, real estate, land, family, inner foundations. This theme is central this year because Saturn, the great karmic lord of trials and tribulations, will be camping out at the base of your horoscope until 2015. Saturn has entered Scorpio on the 5th of October 2012 and will stay there till the 17th of September 2015. Saturn affects now the fixed sings and that is because Scorpio is one important fixed sign. The other 3 are: Aquarius, Taurus and Leo. Saturn also gives us the opportunity to gain strength, to become more responsible for what we do and say, and to cut out waste in our lives. Saturn needs us to work hard to accomplish our goals, and the goal for you must be home. You can buy a new house or you have already done that and now you must invest to make it look like a home for you, you can start a family, have children and get married in the same year, you can take care of your parents or spend more time with them. The time has come to place all your enormous energy in your home and family sector. We all know you are a man of the world and you love the limelight, but now Saturn is here to test you and how you deal with your foundations. You have to build, to have goals and achieve them, to work hard and to admit that your family is the most important thing in the world for you. Remember Saturn will also give you the challenges and you must find a solution for each one. You must build a house that you must afford it and has to be sufficient for all the members in your family. Note that this will take time and it won’t happen overnight, you need patience because Saturn gave you a hard task. Please note that at the end of this cycle you will find yourself in a better climate, a wonderful dream home. Please note that this cycle will be at the end in September 2015.

Changes this year will also come from the home sector as you have a lunar eclipse on the 25th of April and a solar eclipse on the 3rd of November. The eclipse patterns of 2013 will intensify your domestic sector, making you nest like never before. You need to put down roots and build a happy home with the one you love (you must have met him/her last year or in 2011). This has never been more important. In fact, with all this going on in the sky it can become an obsession. And we know what happens when Leo’s heart and mind are fixed. They have all the power of the universe directed at it. Beware of the laziness of Leos and do not let yourself rest too much. Stay focused on your goal as it seems you need to do that as a task for life. One other solar eclipse that happens to be very powerful will be here on the 9th of May 2013 and this one falls in your career sector. Try to make the best of what this eclipse has to offer as it can be a little gift that you must be aware of. As I have said, solar eclipses mark shifts in our lives; but not major ones, just incidental. The change is generated from out in the world, so you must pay attention.

Jupiter will continue to work his magic in your social zone for the first half of the year. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, the planet that brings expansion, blessings, optimism and prosperity. Jupiter is now in a retrograde motion, but it will turn direct with full speed ahead on the 30th of January. Allow your friends into your home and life and don’t be afraid to be open up. Jupiter only brings good luck and energy to this sector, so everything seems in order here. This period will be over when Jupiter will change sings and goes to Cancer, on the 25th of June 2013. This second half of the year, your luck will shift toward vacation. This is generally a warm cycle, although with Jupiter in the background in your chart, there may be some sense that you are not truly living your life to the fullest. But you will need some rest before Jupiter will pass into your solar first house in July 2014, believe me! Try to rest till then and enjoy a long vacation.

In March 2011, Uranus, the planet of surprises, invention, independence and awakening has entered Aries. This is a cycle in which your belief systems and knowledge change and develop, and this is active throughout 2013. Travel opportunities may arise. Life experiences are unpredictable.

Have a great year, dear Leo!

Leo – Home Base 2013

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