lions_webThis post is dedicated to all of you out there with the Sun Sign in Leo and with Leo Rising! I have recently found out that I have most of my friends with Sun Sign in Leo or they have Leo Rising. This is funny because it is actually my opposite sign and this can create magic and strong connection or misunderstanding and chaos. The fact is that I love this Sun Sign as it is powerful and unlike myself, a thinker and a reader, Leo puts himself out there for the world to see him. They are kings and sometimes they roar and behave as kings! It is very interesting because if you get very close to a Leo, close enough to touch him, the king turns red and you can see emotions all over the place.

In this post, I am going to shed some astrological light on the upcoming months of 2016 and beyond into February 2017. 2016 was an interesting year, but it didn’t have much excitement as we had Mars, the planet of action retrograded a big period of time. This caused us to stop, rethink, plan things more carefully and have this feeling of laziness all around. It was not an action year!

The last 4 months of the year 2016 are the most intense of all year and we will have a lot of struggle and a lot of focus is needed. Intense because we have 2 very important eclipses and these urges us to change some things in our lives. The eclipse season is here and for Leos, the 2 very strong eclipses are in the resource sector. These eclipses have 2 important negative aspects associated with them: an opposition with Neptune and a square to Saturn. Neptune can bring charlatans in your life and you need to be careful on what you are spending your money and Saturn is craving for structure and a more organized self. With these aspects we can expect laziness and Leos can feel this a lot as they have a thing for being lazy days in row. Keep in mind that “Slow and steady wins the race” with Saturn in Sagittarius involved here.

These eclipse will send energy for about 6 months from September on, so this is where I will focus on this post. We have 2 very strong eclipses in the resource sector: the first Solar Eclipse was in Virgo, on the 1st of September 2016 and for you that happened in the second house of income and money; the second eclipse was in Pisces and it was a Lunar Eclipse, on the 16th of September 2016, and it has a very big focus on debt, the way we share money with our partner, going to the bank and taking a loan or paying out a loan.

What Leos should do to use this energy in a positive way:

  1. Learn a new skill that can provide more money

As the Solar Eclipse was in Virgo and for a year now you had Jupiter in Virgo also, the focus for you was and is on how to get more money in your pocket. Jupiter in Virgo created a preparation year for you in terms of earning more money. Just to give you an idea, the transit happened from August 11, 2015 until September 9, 2016. This transit ended with this powerful Solar Eclipse in Virgo. It is a very good time to think about your earning abilities and about your focus when it comes to money. Self-worth is on the plate for you now and this is extremely important to you. I think self-worth is one of the most important things for Leos. Leos are not very good with money, but they like having a lot, spending and they also appreciate security.

  1. Start a business, create a website, invent something

Thinking about what to do with your free time is never something difficult for Leos as they have a lot of friends and love to go out and travel. However, the energy does not lead Leos in that direction. With these eclipses, Leos must focus on a new endeavor, a new invention or something that they can create and can produce more time, more money or more energy. All this energy is going to be very well invested and must be carefully planned as Virgo loves details and arrangements. Leos love to create, so open your heart and give in to your full potential!

  1. Make a plan on how to save money

With the energy created by the Pisces Lunar Eclipse, saving money and creating a way to pay your debt should also be top on your list. Try to be as open as possible and find creative ways to save money. Understand where you waste your money and think again of this is another investment or just another pleasure that will not be useful in the end. Leos love the small and big pleasures of life and you hate saving money or making plans about this. The energy is challenging as it has to shift the way you have done things until now. But I do believe that the first step is done: the first step toward change is awareness.

Mercury will be retrograde a lot until the end of the year: we had him retrograde from the 30th of August 2016 until the 22nd of September 2016 and from the 19th of December until the 8th of January. I mention this because it is not a good time to travel around this time and the communication is not favored.

Venus will enter Scorpio on the 23rd of September and that will bring good luck and positive vibes to your home. You will finish up renovating or decorating. It’s not time for new improvements, but finishing up details for the new place. Pluto will go direct on the 26th of September and will bring intensity to the working schedule. A lot more is going to be done and the pressure is building up to stay on track with all your assignments.

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Leo – resource management
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