Leo 2017Leo, welcome to your astrology forecast for the year 2017!

The year 2017 is going to be a year of change on almost every aspect of your life! Prepare for some pressure, a surprise shift on the career front and changing your status in your love life! You need to find time for yourself as all the year you are going to be on stage. It is going to be quite a challenge to keep things in balance.

Start of the year 2017

Take really good care and make the best of the giant window of opportunity we have in the sky from the 8th of Jan 2017 till the 6th of Feb when all planets are direct! This is interesting because it is a good time to think about new year’s resolutions, put them on paper, draft a plan, connect to any stakeholders that can help with the implementation and start acting on the plan as soon as you can. Anything you do during this one month will impact the year ahead as this is the time to plant the seed. February will also be a very good month for your and you will see things changing as soon as the month begins as the Eclipses are moving in your Sun Sign.

The Big Picture

Leo is the king, the one that leads and who creates! You are going to be in perfect harmony with the year and with the sky. Things are going to change, but they are all in your favor and you will not realize where your extreme potential may lead. Please take this with a grain of salt because all of these must be done with effort, late hours at work and a Herculean determination. In December 2016, we had some days that predicted the year 2017, the 24th of December 2016 and the 26th of December 2016. Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are marking a very positive point in the sky that has influence all year long. The energy is filled with opportunities. For Leo, this trine marks new business ideas, business expansion, practical step by step ways for achieving success. It can also mean you need to reinvent your life, create something new, support someone who creates a new thing for the world. Your will be highly ambitious under these influence and things can just change overnight for you. The thing is you will feel a lot of pressure, all eyes on you, wanting so bad to succeed and to show the world and to show yourself you are worth of the task. Uranus will help you innovate and Saturn will help you put in practice everything that you want. This is a magical combination and the positive flow is already there. You just have to find your way. The first trine happened in December 2016 and the next time these 2 planets meet in 2017: May 19 and Nov 11. As I said, the good connection in the sky is all year, but in May and November things get more intense and we should watch for clues.

Innovation and Change

Eclipses this year are extremely powerful and they make an impact especially on you, Leo Sun Sign. Eclipses mark changes, endings or beginnings with powerful disrupt of the status – quo. The first eclipse in Leo is in February 2017 and it start to disrupt everything you knew so far. The focus is on YOU and the way you must innovate yourself to achieve your full potential! This is about new beginnings, about creating a new self and having to deal with another type of challenges. But the real boom for Leo is going to happen at the time of the New Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st of August 2017, when all the highlight of the sky will be upon you. You can change anything: your job, your location, you can meet your soulmate, you can move to a new city. Almost anything can happen and this is going to be a strong shift within you. I am aware that things can feel heavy, but with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius with the extreme help of Jupiter in Libra, changes will just feel good outside and inside. You will not believe yourself and try as much as possible to keep a growth mindset. Also, expect surprises of any type: probably you will have a surprise baby, or a surprise job or just have a great business idea that will surprise everybody around you. Uranus in Aries is by your side in the sky and makes any change possible. Expect to shock people around you and to feel the need to explain yourself and your decisions. But believe me when I say things will go to extremes in a lighter way than expected. Magic happens this year for you. You hold on to reality and ask your friends to give you a pragmatic view of the world once in a while. The second eclipse in August, on the 7th of August will be in Aquarius and that can put an emphasis on your love life and again thinking about changing the status-quo.

This is a quote that I think will have a great impact on Leo in 2017: “You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change.

Stubborn Vibes of the Year 2017

Venus, the karmic, crazy, lucky planet will be retrograde in March and April 2017 and that puts all of us in some uncomfortable situations. For Leo, the emphasis is on long term planning and foreign lands. Mercury is also retrograde and that means double trouble in April 2017 and May 2017. It is not a good time to travel, make long term plans, don’t put things on paper now and do not expect things to turn out the way you want to. Stay calm and prepare for the best summer of your life!

Good Vibes of the Year 2017

Jupiter will be in Libra almost all year 2017. For Leos, the flow is positive and Leo like the Libra vibe. The aspect is harmonious as Jupiter in Libra is sextile any planet you have in Leo. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and growth and he sits now in the 3rd house of communication. What Leos should do to maximize the transit of Jupiter in Libra:

Teach, send information in a new way: I am not sure how many Leos out there have this drive or this profession of teaching, but I believe it is one of the best in the world. I had a Leo teacher of English in school and she inspired me as she was the queen of it all. She knew exactly what to say and how to say it and made us all followers of the great belief that English language is a masterpiece. At this time and with Jupiter here, the sky favors all Leos that teach, that communicate and that help others grow. Take time to understand and find a way to send as much information as you can out there. You will enjoy spending time with a team, with students, with new employees and they will benefit a lot from your patience and your knowledge. You will feel good about all this and you love being in the spotlight like this.

Pursue your personal interests: Jupiter in Libra creates free time and wild pursue of your passions. It can help a lot with this endeavor as splash of luck can come your way. You need to follow your passion and understand that it needs time and that you will feel good about it. And also think about the eclipses, you can link these 2 and turn your passion into money. Your ability and desire to express yourself is greater now. It is a very good time to start a blog or write a book and publish it. Libra loves the public in any form and Leos love the stage and that makes this a match made in heaven.

Go to meetings, conferences, take online courses: Jupiter in Libra loves to expand your horizon by meeting new people, going abroad, attending conferences. Any kind of travel or any kind of meeting new people is favored now and you should not miss any opportunity. If your job is not creating this environment, try to do it by yourself and book trips and take courses. You are likely to enjoy more opportunities through your communications and contact with others during this cycle.

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Leo – Year 2017

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