This is the first post on a series called myCalling, myCareer and these posts will focus on the life path or job that you should take depending on your Sun Sign. And the should in the last sentence is carefully chosen. Just treat this as a fun advice and never settle for a job, have a career, a life path.

Let’s take this serious now and talk about Sagittarius, the zodiac sign of this time of the year. Lovely one, happy, lively, fun, always a little crazy and above all very very creative and unique. Sagittarians have a positive outlook on life, are full of enterprise, energy, versatility, adventurousness and eagerness to extend everything in their lives. If you have a true Sagittarius friend, you know what I mean! I personally love them and especially like working with them as they are very dedicated and always put a lot of effort into their work. What is Sagittarius good at? Well, in any give line of work they will be very dedicated with a condition – they must love what they do. They balance loyalty with independence and the result is a remarkable one! They love reaching many people and enjoy disseminating ideas, storytelling and opening issues for discussion…Now, I have to introduce you to some Sagittarius men:

Walt Disney

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

First on my list is Walt Disney; he was born on the 5th of December and that makes him a full Sagittarius. He and his brother Roy co-founded Walt Disney Productions, which became one of the best-known motion-picture production companies in the world. The corporation is now known as The Walt Disney Company and had an annual revenue of approximately US$36 billion in 2010. Walt Disney won 22 Academy Awards during his life time, created Mickey Mouse and founded the theme parks Disneyland and Walt Disney World. You also know him from Pinocchio, Bambi, Dumbo, Donald Duck, Goofy or Pluto. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first full-length animated film. It produced an unimaginable $1.499 million, in spite of the Great Depression, and won a total of 8 Oscars. Walt also became one of the first producers of films to venture into television, with his series Disneyland and had as a masterpiece the prolific musical fantasy Mary Poppins.


Steven Spielberg

When I grow up, I still want to be a director.

He started making film at the age 12 and he was so passionate about it that everybody noticed him. He became one of the youngest television directors for Universal in the late 1960s. Steven Spielberg was born on the 18th of December and that makes him a true Sagittarius. Intelligent and ambitious, the Sagittarius men are extremely goal-oriented! So was Mister Spielberg! He went on to become the enormously successful and Academy Award-winning director of such films as Schindler’s List, The Color Purple, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial and Saving Private Ryan. The Holocaust drama Schindler’s List is about a businessman who helps save Jews and won 7 Academy Awards, including Spielberg’s first win as Best Director. He accepted no money for his work on Schindler’s List, and instead donated his salary to a foundation that helps the remembrance of the Holocaust of World War II. The New York Times said Steven Spielberg was the most commercially successful filmmaker in Hollywood history.


Woody Allen

Eighty percent of success is showing up.

Gifted with an amazing sense of humor, the true Sagittarius can make almost anyone smile. Woody Allen has as a hallmark a bizarre sense of humor and we all love him for that. He was born on the 1st of December and that makes him a full Sagittarius. He is the quintessential New Yorker, seemingly full of neuroses and self-doubt. He is an American film director, screenwriter, actor and author who is best known for his romantic comedy films containing elements of parody. Allen has been nominated 23 times and won 4 Academy Awards. Allen’s career breakthrough came with Annie Hall. Manhattan was his homage to his beloved New York City and a great film! He is one of the most prolific American directors of his generation; he has directed a film just about every year since 1969.

Director Allen looks on during the shooting of his next movie "The Bop Decameron" in downtown Rome

Ridley Scott

Life isn’t black and white. It’s a million gray areas, don’t you find?

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, they are the chameleons of each element, able to shift into many forms, and take on different personas, they are not strict and they do not see only black and white. Ridley Scott is born on the 30th of November in the North East of England and he is that kind of a Sagittarius. You know him as the director of Thelma & Louise, Alien, Gladiator, American Gangster or the last one I saw was The Counselor. In 2003, Ridley Scott was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace for his “services to the British film industry” and now we should call him Sir Ridley Scott.


And what I found out was that one of the best life paths for you Sagittarius is being a film director!

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