Sagittarius is a gregarious sign, they are lucky, happy, always surrounded by friends. They love sharing ideas and storytelling, and as I was writing in a post, they can make crazy good film directors. If you want to read it, check the post here.I remember a story where they mentioned that the sign that wins the lottery more often than not is Sagittarius. How do they do this? Do they have a magic potion as in Harry Potter? Are they wizards?

Sagittarius and the Secret

I think the answer is really simple. They can steal the show every time because they have enormous self esteem. They can cope with the basic challenges in life and they truly believe they are worthy of happiness. Sagittarius has confidence to think, learn, choose, make appropriate decisions for himself. They also have self respect, the confidence that love, friendship, achievement and success are natural and appropriate to them. They think and know they deserve happiness and love. All of this makes it very easy for them to be in the spotlight and to share, laugh, understand and BE Happy!

There is a lot we can learn from them and that is why I suggest tacking really good care of your Sagittarius friend. This self esteem thing is very hard to find these days as we are all locked up behind the computer screen waiting for a Like or a Share. These guys know they are worth it without any stress or overthinking.

How do they do it?

Sagittarius does not believe other people’s stories about himself! We are all afraid of what other people think of us or about what image we have in the world. Well, these Jupiter guys do not! They are not afraid and actually they don’t care. They found their true voice, their true meaning and do not let other people interfere with it. Sometimes these guys are not practical and seem out of reach. That is because they dream big and trust their dreams! They don’t settle for less and they keep trying until they sort things out. In Walt Disney’s (Sagittarius)  words: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” And it is not just this, Sagittarius has the power to share the dreams to others and do it in such a charismatic way! People love them when they do that because they are authentic.

Sagittarius do not protect themselves from other people’s criticism! They have the power to speak up, be visible and perform! Depending on your culture, showing up can sometimes be considered aggressive or too much. The trick here is that these people do it with passion, with love and from their heart. Sagittarius are not trying to impress anybody, it’s just who they are and this makes them so special!

Learn self esteem from Sagittarius!

Finding your dream and pursue it is not rebellion or a revolt against everybody else. It is not showing the world what you know or just proving yourself. You do not need appreciation from everybody, all the world or all your Facebook friends! Hearing your inner voice and acting upon your dream is the way we should all live and believe!  Sagittarius makes this statement with the way he acts and the way he manages to create something new, vivid all the time.

Sagittarius teaches all of us self esteem: building on who we are, what we stand for and doing all this with a purpose! Self esteem is also about adopting different styles of behavior to suit the dynamics of any given situation. It is about changing ourselves, but also knowing how to stay true to our core values. Sagittarius teaches us to be a chameleon which is different of being what the others expect or want or need from us. To make a point here, I need to share with you this quote from Harvard Business Review:”As we strive to improve our game, a clear and firm sense of self is a compass that helps us navigate choices and progress towards our goals. But when we are looking to change our game a too rigid self- concept becomes an anchor that keeps us from sailing forth

It is a pretty simple lesson for all of you born with Sagittarius Sun or Sagittarius Rising, but it is a rather hard one for the rest of us. I really think we are all capable of showing up, speak our minds, be adaptable and true to our core values and pursue our dreams.

Thank you for reading!

What can Sagittarius teach us?
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