Venus Mercury RetrogradeHappy Spring, Everybody! May all young wishes come true and may old thoughts turn into ashes! April 2017 is a very interesting month and I wanted to share some views with you. My life, for example, is going through multiple changes at a very low pace, but with a very strong meaning and a lot of struggle. Venus is in Retrograde Motion all month and we will soon have Mercury Retrograde as well and that will challenge us and make us search deep inside ourselves for critical answers. The need to change our lives is striking, but we are not quite there yet.

February was a key month of the year and had a great deal of endings and things happening “out of the blue” tied up within the Lunar Eclipse in Leo, the first in the cycle and a Solar Eclipse in Pisces, the last in the series. April, as compared to February, will be calmer and very harsh with our inner beings. I am a true believer that people are inarticulate about their own strengths and weaknesses. In the same time, I think that we all have a very hard time really understanding what is happening.

This month comes as a curse or a blessing to feel, to touch, to sense what is beneath the surface and to learn how to hold it together and remain sane in what proves to be a crazy world.

Venus is going to go retrograde from March 4 to April 15 2017. She will be mainly be focused on Aries, but she will also touch Pisces. Venus is the planet that represents what we need and what we value. Each time there is a retrograde Venus, things can go wild and we can loose ourselves in the music or can do things we would never thought about doing. We can start a relationship with a married man or woman, we can dye our hair blue, purchase a big expensive car or just end a relationship just like that. It is a time when we need to learn to control, to focus.

Mercury is going retrograde from April 9 to May 3. Mercury will turn retrograde in the sign of Taurus and that gives us a feeling of insecurity and the need for a back up plan if things are not going to go exactly the way we had planned. Make a very good financial plan at this time and try not to spend on luxury or on items you don,t need. This transit will be of importance to all of us, but it can affect us quite in a different way. That is why I choose to share my vision for each sign, for this month.


Aries, this is your birthday month and all month, you will feel all the energy of the New Moon in Aries, on March 27! Things moved fast with this pattern in the sky and you feel like you can own the world. Also, you felt a lot of pressure and a need to be more visible and more focused. Venus is retrograde in your own sign and you will feel this pull and push effect that you cannot control. You are not feeling very fond of this new situation as it is in contrast with you and your usual self. Venus in Aries will make you really think about what YOU need, what YOU want and how YOU can make this happen for yourself. You will need to dig deeper than ever and understand yourself. The feel and need of change is going to be extremely big, but this is not the time to do it. May is the month where you can move forward, but April just helps you see exactly what needs to be done. You will probably redesign yourself and start a brand new persona. This takes time and patience and perseverance. Mars is in your income house and that means a lot of spending is done and you feel quite frustrated about it. The New Moon in Taurus, April 26 will be very beneficial in terms of funding. Try to keep your focus and eye on money. There is also a big focus on your relationship and how you want and if you need it going further. Don’t move ahead too quickly with this new love of yours. Be patient. Read or take another look at the general forecast Aries for the year 2017 by myLittleAstrology!


Crazy energetic Mars is in your sign and this is a first in the last 2 years. You will feel a very positive vibe even if these 2 crazy planets, Venus and Mercury are retrograde this month. You need to help others and keep them uplifted and happy. Organize a party or go out with your friends. The Full Moon in Libra on April 10 will bring very confusing messages. A member of your team, your boss or somebody at work will leave the company and the project that you are working on. This will make you very nostalgic and will trigger a need to change or just take another path. With both Venus and Mercury in reverse, it is not a good time to start a new job or change things. Wait until the air is clear and think about it in May or June. Venus is your planet and that means this retrograde cycle will be very close to your heart. It will be harder to get what you want as this is a very slow period. Also, you need to take extra care with emails, phone calls, communication. Everything related to this will stall and will create a feeling of chaos. Take this phase as a learning phase and consider thinking and less action. It is a good time to revamp old projects, old ideas to put in practice as soon as summer is here. Read or take another look at the general forecast Taurus for the year 2017 by myLittleAstrology!


Your ruling planet is going to go in reverse this month, dear Gemini and that means you need to be extra careful. Check things twice, read emails twice, have a back up plan for everything and try to remain calm and think about solutions. Mars creates a fence on your projects and will stop you to reveal your work. Everything you do must remain behind closed doors and things will come to light later on. It is possible that you are keeping some sort of secret and you are not supposed to let the world know. Things will change as Mars will join your sign on April 21. You will feel energized and happy to be the center of attention. The Full Moon in Libra was supposed to be a very positive event, but Uranus will join and things can get out of control. I mean things can happen and you will not be prepared for them. There is a strange energy coming from your lover. Probably he or she will feel the vibe with more intensity and you will just need to support. This is a very good time to rethink and reevaluate what you should be doing this year. Read or take another look at the general forecast Gemini for the year 2017 by myLittleAstrology!


You have career and living situation on your mind. It seems these 2 are connected in a way. You need to change career and that means that you need to move or you just need to move and because of that you also need to change jobs. The feeling is that something is holding you back and it is, you see both personal planets: Mercury and Venus are in retrograde motion this month. The New Moon in Aries on March 27 just opened some doors for a new position or thinking about what you want to do with your business. You have reached a crossed road and you need to take a lot of decisions and you have a lot of things to consider. Mars is being overly protective of you and some sort of group gathering will open up some doors for you. Things will reveal and happen in June and July for you. These are very strong months, try not to take a vacation at this time. Expect things to go unplanned all month and be patient if you need to revise, redo what you have already done. Venus and Mercury will not help and pay attention to the Full Moon in Libra on April 22. Uranus will bring a lot of unexpected events, somebody in your team will quite and that can have a huge impact on your decisions. The New Moon in Taurus on April 26 will be a joy and a pleasure. Some good time off with your friends. Read or take another look at the general forecast Cancer for the year 2017 by myLittleAstrology!


With all that good and fiery Aries energy, you should feel energized, but because the aura is going backwards, you feel quite exhausted. There is no exact reason for this because you are not working a lot and you are not under pressure. You must feel quite tired as you had all these trips outside the country or a lot of action regarding foreign people that needed your attention. You love this type of feeling and attention as it needs your charm and creative self expression, but when it comes somehow in reverse of what you want now, that annoys you. Do not sign contracts this month or any important papers, things are not where they should with this energy. Good things seem to come out of the blue, but be aware that they can hide things. The New Moon in Taurus on April 26 will be of great help for your career. You may get a promotion or a new offer from a new firm. Take that into consideration. Mars is also here for you and that makes a very good aspect all together. Everything is moving in the right direction with your new offer or your new job. All eyes on the job, mister Leo! Read or take another look at the general forecast Leo for the year 2017 by myLittleAstrology!


The month is off with money on your mind and this is going to be the hot topic for you. We had a lot of planets in Aries and kept having this part of the chart filled with aspects. And for you, this means a lot of action in your house of debt, money coming in from insurance, legal affairs that need to settle once and for all. Things are slow to progress and you will feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but just wait for May. You can also talk very seriously with your lover or business partner about shared resources and it is good time to get back to the board and try a new approach. It is a good time to rethink expenses and to make plans for how you are going to spend and invest money. A good amount of money is on his way to you at the Libra Full Moon, on April 10 or you are talking to a new client, there is buzz around how you are going to win new business. It’s actually something that you love, remember Virgo is the money maker of the entire zodiac. You love to keep things moving and money comes in very handy and you do it naturally. So keep your eyes on shared resources, don’t make hasty decisions and keep focused! Read or take another look at the general forecast Virgo for the year 2017 by myLittleAstrology!


There comes a time when you need to make more decisions with yourself than ever before. It is not a good time to implement these decisions. You have to wait. You have to devote yourself to finishing up everything that you have been building for a few years. All these Retrograde planets (Venus, Mercury, Saturn) translate in a lot of struggle for you and a lot of walls to tear down this month. Look at the bright side of life, this is the time to really thing about what you want from yourself, from your life and how exactly you see yourself in the future. If you must think about something, this is the month to think about YOU and to answer some very hard questions: what motivates you? why do you get up in the morning? what makes you tick? shiver? what do you want from your job, from your love life? and even if you do find all these answers (if you do, write me an email, please!), you still have to wait for a clear sky and a good energy window. Things are going to change for you and this is for sure, you will have a very exciting and different summer. Pack your bags and enjoy some new experiences! Try to resist and not get over frustrated at the time of the Full Moon in Libra, April 10-11. It is going to be a challenge! Read or take another look at the general forecast Libra for the year 2017 by myLittleAstrology!


A lot of action for you in the month of April in terms of a project, something at work or just something that you have started a long time ago and now you need to finish. This was something that you used to master and be the best at it, but with all the retrograde planets in the sky, things can be more frustrating and harder than ever before. You can have some moments of true disbelief in your own power as these are very stressful times. It is going to be harder to get to the bottom of it this time and you know it and you feel it. You just to keep moving forward and pushing yourself to your limits. As Uranus is involved here and especially at the Full Moon in Libra, on April 10-11, things are getting really complicated because it involves hidden things, enemies, people working with hidden agendas. There is some sort of secret thing that you must reveal at this time and you need to do this in front of a large audience. Try to keep your calm and be as correct and as true to your own values as you can. It is not going to be easy to get to the end of this month. Keep calm and carry on! Read or take another look at the general forecast Scorpio for the year 2017 by myLittleAstrology!


Things are going to go off the rails this month and after that back on track in no time. You need to know that things can pretty messy with all these planets Retrograde as this means a time of stagnation, of losing purpose and of things getting really confusing. The good news is that it is a good time to reflect on things, to make plans, to write down what you want and what you need. Don’t make any commitments and don’t sign papers under this influence as you will not have all the facts for any deal you sign. Your focus was and will be almost all this year on your children and on things that rotate and revolve around your kids. Or you can have a very special creative project in mind that needs all your attention. Love can also be a thing for you as the stellium in Aries hit this part of your chart. Any project that will have your full attention and needs special care can have a first triumph at the time of the Full Moon in Libra, on April 10-11. Friendship and groups can have a very important say here and can turn your world. As Uranus is very close to this Full Moon in Libra, unexpected things can happen and “out of the blue feeling” is one to be expected. Read or take another look at the general forecast Sagittarius for the year 2017 by myLittleAstrology!


As you are one of those people that has patience and perseverance in its blood, the month of April is not going to be such a big challenge for you. Planets are moving in reverse and that means stalling things, work that must be done twice or even three times just to get it right once, some love issues and a general frustration all around us. You must try to be as diplomatic and optimistic as you can be. It is not a good time to say out loud what you think as things can come back to haunt you after a few days. It’s a time to have patience and listen as much as you can and try to put empathy and your Emotional Intelligence at work. This is the time when you know that the most important skill you posses, is this lovely E.I. Use it and feel people around you and respond in the most creative and peaceful way possible. The general atmosphere of the month is definitely not going to be easy and some hard cold wars will be fought. You can have some health issues at the start of this month, but the focus for your month will be career. The Full Moon in Libra, on April 10-11 comes back with a duty of minding your job very carefully. Things are changing and you have the spot light! Read or take another look at the general forecast Capricorn for the year 2017 by myLittleAstrology!


Crazy month, dear Aquarius! As most of my readers know, I am an Aquarius and I am very proud of my Sun Sign. I also am very fond of all news on astrology, so this short scope is a challenge. This month, according to the stars, we are on the move. We are going and coming from all kinds of events big or small with a lot of people and friends or just a family reunion. As it is Easter, you imagine things are correct for me. The focus for us will be to be able to keep everything is place and order and also be able to be on time on all these small events. A good time to be with loved ones, with old friends as Venus and Mercury will be retrograde and to focus on waiting to the next big thing that will happen in May. The shift will be quite big in May and all the energy vibes are towards a career shift, a job change or something to do with your role in the world and what you want to achieve. Until that point in time, have patience and enjoy the travel. Also, take care of some international projects at the Full Moon in Libra, on April 10-11. This is about education and what you decide you want to learn. A good time to think and a very bad time to act and do something about it. Expect delays and more paper work than every as Mercury will be Retrograde.  Read or take another look at the general forecast Aquarius for the year 2017 by myLittleAstrology!


This month you still feel the effect of your last Eclipse, on the 26th of February, and that means just another step forward for you. The big years of change just ended and you will feel a great release of pressure. Have a cup of coffee and enjoy a good vacation near water in April 2017. The fluid energy given by Venus will help you heal, be strong and you will be able to reassess what happened these 2 years. You needed. Venus will be retrograde and it is a good time to rest, re-evaluate every detail of your journey and focus on learning. The focus for you, in April 2017, will be on money, money and what you value. Try to hold on to your money and do not spend it if you do not think it is absolutely necessary. Think about how to make more money and consider this a very good time to plan your budget for this year. Understand where and how you can make more money and start new things in May, after all this powerful reset ends. Amazing progress can be made on the money sector if you invest your time and your skills where you need to. At the Full Moon in Libra, April 10, you will receive money or you are going to fulfill a dream that has to do with gaining more attention and in conclusion, more money. Take care because Uranus is here and he does not like this Full Moon. Unexpected things can occur, the best is to calculate everything and have a back up plan! Read or take another look at the general forecast Pisces for the year 2017 by myLittleAstrology!

Thank you for reading and please share if you enjoy it!

April 2017: Venus and Mercury Retrograde Meditation
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